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  1. First, I've been on the internet since elementary school. To give you all a time period, I'm 20, graduated in 2009. Anyway, I've gone through all the internet lingo because it seems as if I started on the internet just as it was growing up. Almost to the point where I feel like it grew up with me, like a sibling.

    Long story short, I've come up with my own internet lingo and occasionally it conflicts with others. My biggest one is: FTW. Most people look at it as "for the win." I look at it as "Fuck the what."

    There isn't a single time I read FTW without thinking fuck the what first, because I guess I thought I could spice up WTF with FTW just by saying it backwards.

    Does anyone else do this? Or does anyone else have anything similar that in their mind is something completely different than the general consensus as to what things stand for on the internet? Lets here it.
  2. wtf what the fuck

    ftw for the win

    I dont give a FUCK who you are. You will find some one who is MUCH more experienced in technology than you.

    My granddad is an original hacker. You will find shit back to the beginning. Just learn what you can, from past or future.
  3. Didn't mentions a thing about being experienced in technology, nor hacking. Thanks for trying though.
  4. And I care?
  5. No, you don't, you don't give a "FUCK." I simply asked if people thought of things in their own creative way, guess I should be shot instead. Thanks for clarifying that.
  6. the corporations man, there trying to take over the world!
  7. fuck the world
  8. I honestly can't remember what I did on the internet as a kid.
  9. Hahaha FTW has always ment For The Win, for me too. But apperantly to bikers it means Fuck The World. I remember what i did on the internet as a kid....
  10. Ftw is fuck the world, at least in my circles. Im a biker tho and its fuck the world. Although its usually represented as and basicly pronounced FTW as the abbreviation, not what it means. Does that make since? Im stoned. Lol

    I got an FTW sticker on my helmet.

    EDIT: Damn, took to long to post that, didn't see ur post holderofthebong. Someone beat me to it. Lol
  11. ftw usually means "for the win" but I guess fuck the world works too.
  12. Frank the walrus :D
  13. UMAD:wave:
  14. Free The Willy
  15. because i am a banana. top that bromios!

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