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  1. Whats up blades...just wanted to share a recent experience i had following a road trip to CO...may help others.
    So this last weekend i traveled to Ft. Collins with a buddy to help him make a car purchase. Part of my agreeing to go on the grueling road trip was the opportunity to check out some dispensaries and maybe come home with some dabs/dank bud...
    Much to my dismay however, Ft. Collins has a temporary ban on Rec. MJ sales through April....:( :( we were very bummed to put it mildly
    We had allot of time constraints or we would have gone to Denver...so we checked out wheresweed.com and seen several locations listed in Loveland nearby, so we set out only to discover that none of them were at the addresses listed..wtf???
    are there any dispensaries in Loveland or is that website way out of date?
    Granted, my buddy's GPS had been fuckin with us allllll weekend so it could have  been his poor navigation skills...
    Where would any of you CO residents recommend trying next time?

  2. loveland has banned dispensaries in town. i just moved to loveland 2 months ago and have to go to fort collins. I know this thread is a few years old..
  3. last one was 4 years old, this one is 2 lol

    If you can buy in FOCO though i dont really see the issue, its pretty close to loveland... Boulder is 45 mins away too... weed a plenty in Boulder
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