Fsu Vs. Wake Forest!

Discussion in 'General' started by Livingalife, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Who's watching? Like the only game on tonight for college football. Go FSU! they'll win probably.
  2. Damn man, thanks for the reminder... im def going to go watch it in the other room
  3. I think its funny how Bowden doesnt even coach. He just walks around the field, no headphones on, like a zombie, screaming "daaadguuumit!" hahahah. Im watching right now.. they are disputing a call and Bowden has no clue whats going on, his coaches are yelling at the officials and Bowden is just looking around like WTF is going on.. finally one of his coaches let him know what was going on and he just starts yelling. no joke. Im naturally rooting for Wake.. I was born and raised to hate FSU :D
  4. “Dadgummit, we just couldn’t play well enough to win” LMAO!
  5. If you follow all of the Bowdens (Bobby at FSU, Tommy at Clemson, Jeff at FSU last year), NONE of them coach! It's a joke, they sit on the sideline and dont do anything, it's a crime how Bobby makes 7 digits a year...
  6. Tommy Bowden has done a great job with Clemson.
  7. Hardly any Head Coach in College Football actually "coaches" during the game. That's what they have Offensive and Defensive Coordinators for to call the plays, and "team" coaches to coach each individual unit. Head Coaches are more like General Managers. They have to have good micro-managing skills to make sure every part of a very complex system works.

    They do more work during the week and off-season making sure the entire program is performing to it's best capabilities... they get all the blame if things do wrong, and all the glory when things go right. But of course, it's a entire team and coaching staff effort to make sure something as complex as a Bowl Division Football program runs smoothly.

    It's really a testament to how well run the entire program is run that Bobby Bowden has the confidence in his coaching staff to not have to get involved during the game.

    You could point to the loss tonight and say that obviously something is not quite right with the program... but I could point out the fact that not too long ago Florida State finished the season ranked inside the top 5 for 14 years in a row.
  8. LOL, a great job? 11 years at the helm and he hasn't even MADE a ACC Championship game even though Clemson has some of the best facilities and brought in some major talent throughout his tenure? Even with a PATHETIC ACC last year(WF won it, WTF?!) he couldn't even get into the ACC CG. He's been far from great and it's time they left him go, especially with last weeks despicable special teams performance, 14 points of returns, 7 points off an INT for TD, the D held VT's offense to 250 total yards and 9 first downs.wipe those returns off the board and they win.

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