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Discussion in 'General' started by Azizi, May 16, 2010.

  1. So recently they made it to where all cigs have fsc in them to prevent fires can anyone tell the difference between a non fsc and fsc cig to me it seems like the fsc cigs burn slower and they always go out if you dont hit it often enough (not a problem for me as i dont just have my cigs chill in my hand for no reason) what do you guys think about fsc?
    You can still get non-fire safe cigarettes around here, but they are rare. I haven't found any non fire safe Kool Filter Kings though. :cry:
  3. Theres about 2 stores left in my town with non fsc and my precious camel filters are running low I should buy the stores out next time i go in :devious:
  4. It will say FSC above the barcode

    edit: Oops, read your post wrong :p

  5. it dosent fase me. when i smoke cigs i smoke bout 1/4ths at a time.
  6. I used to pack my ciggs before opening them up, now I just don't pack them anymore, and they smoke about the same, but yeah, a little slower burning, but not much.
  7. shit's horrible for you, and gross as fuck.

    the chemical that makes them "Fire-safe" is a bonding agent for plastics, it makes you sick and is very bad for you. it's an underhand way to get smokers to quit, and to keep children from smoking. think about that the next time you smoke one..

    roll your own. i've been doing it for some time now, cigarettes have been firesafe for god knows how long. my friend had gone to every piece of shit gas station within 40 miles looking for non-fsc cigs like 6 months ago, with no luck.
  8. I didn't know there was some chemical in there. I thought it was just those 2 overlaps in the paper making it too thick to just burn on it's own.

    Chemicals are bad...unless they're plant food.
  9. if you're talking about mephedrone, that shit is really bad for you.

    and if you're talking about growing weed not organically, that shit is pretty gross too.

    just sayin'

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