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  1. So I've been growing seeds from msnl n have been finding harder to tell sex of cetain strains due to way pre flowers are developing
    I've got a strawberry cough growing at moment n once again all the pre flowers are growing off stems like male balls do the last one I actually pulled as thought they where male pre flowers lol I'm keeping an eye on it still as literally you would swear there male but seem a lot of there strains grow these weird preflowers just a single female flower on about a ml long stem that points down
  2. do you have any pictures? its easier to tell that way
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  3. I know what female pre flowers look like lol just up until I started growing strains from msnl I'd never seen a female preflower grow out of the join on its own little stem and point downwards like a male ball does lol
  4. image.jpeg This is how they are growing on these new strains notice comes out on a small stem n points downwards now before a white pistol emergergs it looks verry much like a male flower lol I pulled one after 2.5 months veg as when put into flower these shot out everywhere no white pistols at all but as discovered with another one yes it was a female lol

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  5. Not to sound rude, bud if you know what female pre flowers look like you should know what a male plant looks like. Like mentioned post pictures so people can try and help you.
    Good Luck

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  6. image.jpeg Where as this is normal pre flower set on my normal strain hugs join n sticks upward lol
  7. Do your pre flowers grow on a stem around a ml long n point downward lol cos up until these is never seen it lol all grow like bottom photo usually
  8. Now that is really strange looking..LOL.
    My MSNL plants have shown only one surprise so far. Growing 3 GDPs from MSNL along with one other strain. 2 of the GDPs look identical and have HUGE fan leaves. The 3rd is very different looking..Stretcher, different color leaves and longer internodes. All from the same batch but I know even twins can have different traits!
    The 2 larger plants are also the YOUNGEST! The One in front left is older by 10 days, and is the shorter one..This was taken 7 days from the flip.
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  9. So far not one I've grown looks anything like there photos haha nor have I had any 2 seeds from same batch look the same either lol last lot where white widow all out of same bag n everyone looked totally different including one that turned nearly completely purple lol I grew hash bombs all where completely sativa when supposed to be indica Dom yet now I'm growing strawberry cough supposed to be sativa Dom and all look to be pure indica short verry fat leaves lol but yeah it's a little can plant 5 seeds all same strain same pack yet every one looks totally different to the point I showed couple of my mates the widows n they all said bullshit there not the same no way
  10. Same thing happened with my auto bluetooths lol a week apart n the older one ended up like a foot and half tall only 1oz n the younger one which didn't even really grow at all for 3 weeks ended up over 3ft high and 3 foot wide each way n gave me 7.5 oz
  11. I really wish I knew what genetics MNSL is selling..I do like their sales and speedy shipping, but have also had good luck so far with The Single Seed Center..(buy the number you want, listed genetics, and very sharp pricing..FAST Too!)
    Still months away from harvest..Hope GDP really is GDP..LMAO
  12. I'm impressed with what I've grown so far the quality is verry high il give them that but fact can grow 5seeds out of one pack n all look totally different I find a little odd ??? Also the smaller of the bluetooths I grew looked 100%identicle in smells and looks as one of the white widows and am still convinced the widow that turned nearly completely purple which is my profile pic(yeah don't look like white widow :)) was in fact a berry or purple strain of some description as had a verrrry clearly fruity smell I've still got numerous different strains I've bought from them but think should just chuck all in one bag as starting to loose faith that the strains are actually what they say they are lol
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