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  1. After making a New Year's Resolution to get my ass in shape and surprisingly following the resolution, I have lost 65 lbs in 8 months...I am quite pleased with most of my new body, however I always had a chubby face and I assumed this was because I was a fat ass, however I now have a slim / toned body, but retained my chubby face :mad:. I am a tall guy (6'4'') and it is frustrating for me to finally have a decent body, but the face of a chubby kid. I am only 18 and hopefully in my last few years of change my face will slim out, but I am not so sure it will. Anyone have any tips / advice / similar experiences?
  2. face is last place you'll loose fat. have friend who powerlifts, he gets fat face when he's putting on weight for competition, although he's not actually fat.

    get body fat to below 10%, abs clearly defined, face should look normal unless you stretched the skin from being fat
  3. I hope so, unfortunately I am between the summer of my junior and senior year of high school and my primary form of exercise was my school's weight room, so during the summer I have kept up my diet and cardio, but have been unable to lift heavily which I have found really gives the best results. For the first time in my life, I am looking forward to the start of the semester so I can start to hit the weights again :D
  4. Don't fret bro, the fat from your face will disappear with time too! Just keep up with your healthy lifestyle. 65 pounds in 8 months is great progress by the way.
  5. ive always thought and experienced losing fat from the face is the first place you lose it
  6. Usually its the chin area that will lose the weight.

    since OP is 18, im sure its 'child-fat' which should go down as he gets older. like the cheeks.
  7. Would you mind giving me a little more details on your work out routine that allowed you to loose the weight? I'm just starting to exercise and my goal is weight loss.
  8. Honestly? Smoke so much that you lose your appetite when you aren't stoned and when you are stoned develop discipline to only eat healthy munchies and in moderation. Combine this with weight lifting 3-5 times a week, running / some other form of cardio as much as you can, and get a good night's sleep every night... Now the smoking part is obviously optional and I'm sure you will still get results without doing this, but it is really what worked for me :D
  9. or he could just use a little self control and start eating healthier....
  10. he asked me what I did and I told him, of course you could do that which I mentioned...but it's not what I did
  11. join xc if you're still in highschool, thats what all the wrestlers did to cut in the good ol days

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