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Frustrated with Fed Raids

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ganjaphish, Nov 1, 2001.

  1. In case you didn't know there has been alot going on in California regarding Prop 215. Here's a link if you want to peruse: (NYTimes asks you to register, but it's free)

    I just have to vent somewhere and I know that I'm venting at those who probably agree, but ARGH!

    I can't believe that the Federal Justice dept is concentrating its energy on bringing down somewhat legitimate establishments who literally jump through HOOPS to abide by the state/county's regulations on medical marijuana. These clubs have to go through so much legal bullshit to stay open, and they do it because there are people out there who rely on marijuana for medicinal purposes - who are in absolute pain without it.

    I can't even begin to understand why they choose to target these medical clubs. The medical clubs don't even allow non-patients INSIDE, including visitors. At one club in Berkeley, they check your Medical card, your California Driver's License, your physical letter from your physician, and even look you up in their computer. It takes getting through 3 people to get in. They are NOT distributing to random teens or irresponsible users. They are not using violent and/or questionable means to obtain the product they sell, and are very well-regulated. You can't purchase from a club twice in one day, even.

    If the war on marijuana was really about keeping the people from doing drugs, the feds would be concentrating their efforts on heavier drugs.. They would focus on those who are creating a negative effect in the surrounding communities. They would not be criminalizing medical patients. They would respect that the people of California recognize marijuana as a plant with positive medicinal properties, and leave our Medical clubs ALONE!!

    They say that this is indicative that the war on drugs is not lost in the wake of the Sept 11th occurences, and they intend to be aggressive. However, aren't there more important things to be concerned about, like dealing with the terrorist/anthrax threats upon our country? Or how about poverty, and the rapidly increasing unemployment and homeless rates? Or how about public education? Some schools in this country can't even afford enough textbooks for their students, so they can't study outside of school or have to share with classmates. Or how about spending those crime dollars on after-school programs for kids that have nowhere to go after school? How about trying to prevent violent crimes instead?
    The Bush Administration and the Supreme Court need to get their heads out of their asses and realize that Marijuana is not a prominent threat to this country at this moment. There are children who need to be educated and guided in the right direction, shit even adults who need this guidance as well. There are more urgent issues this country needs to address before we go about busting Medical Marijuana Clubs that provide beneficial product to those in chronic, severe pain.

    I'm writing another letter to my Congress people, and etcetera. This is so disturbing to me!!
    Hopefully someone files a lawsuit against the feds or appeals the Supreme Court's May ruling. How can this be legal in multiple states, yet the United States government still refuses to see any positive properties to marijuana?

    I also heard someone mention that there are now attempts to ban the sale of hemp products in the United States, though I doubt that will pass...
    Sorry to get so political, I am just very angry today.
    I'll stop shedding my negative energy and spark a bowl for the head of the DEA :)
  2. Yes, this is the land of liberty. Can't you feel it?

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