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  1. Hey all,

    New guy here. I've had a couple of "first grows" now, but, unfortunately, have yet to develop a green thumb. Things always start out just peachy but always seem to go downhill after roughly three weeks. Growth seems to cease and the plant begins looking sickly.

    A little info on my cab:

    Under my current circumstances, stealthiness is a top priority for me. The cab I'm using currently is only 2.4 square feet. I have a fairly small carbon filter mounted inside the cab that connects to a 6 in. inline exhaust fan. My intake is passive.

    Lighting has been a pain. CFLs get hot very fast. In fact, just three will have my temps close to 90. I decided to purchase a cheap LED (128 watt) from some dealer on Ebay. I'm not entirely sure, but I believe it's part of the problem.

    At the moment, with my LED and two little fans blowing, my temp hangs around 80. The humidity is approximately 40%.

    The plant I have in this cab is almost a month old and is no more than 4 inches tall. It has six nodes, with hardly any spacing between them.

    Any information or tips? My phone isn't working properly at the moment, so I can't easily provide pics.
  2. Boot that light, it may be OK later above a mom or for use in germing ..?

    get a 400w digital from amazon and a proper 4ft tent, most if not all growers go to the 4ft tent later anyways

    look to ur soils, I use Fox Farm ocean forest, with 20-30% perlite added, it goes the full grow, with little added

    ensure you water by weight, lift test..pot before watering

    good luck

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