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Frustrated in a new "non MMJ" state

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ishnessocity, Aug 12, 2011.

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    Hi, my name is Ish. I am a medical marijuana patient from California who is starting to regret my move to the LoneStar state. I have never really been a fan of smoking illegally but since it is not legal anywhere within a 10 hour drive from me (and I dont want to drive 10hours anyway), I have been contemplating the risks and think that it might just be worth it. Living with chronic pain is not a fun thing. I know that asking for assistance in procuring said meds is not really what this site is about... but email me if you sympathize with my situation and know how to help. I'm really just looking for pointers on how to go about this in the real world. If you are serious about being able to assist me, send me an email "HELP IS ON THE WAY" and I will give you more information as needed. Thank you in advance for being genuine and kind.
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    Hello officer.

    But on a serious note, I live in Texas, this place sucks and you'll probably find a lot of regs before you find some medical grade bud.
  3. I do feel really bad for your situation, but you're not supposed to ask for hookups here. You'll most likely be flamed for it. You can PM me and I'll give you some pointers to finding the right person. However, I am unable to point you to that person as #1: I live in Pennsylvania and #2: It isn't the brightest thing to do.

    Once again. I do sympathize with you! This just isn't the best way to go about this.
  4. I'm not asking for hook-ups.... just information so that I can find my own. I dont know how to find the right people outside of the internet.
  5. oh and ha ha... i'm not a cop
  6. small cupboard, $100 light, $50 worth of auto seeds, 9 weeks, happy days, no fuss.
  7. not sure i want to assume that much of a risk. I grew in cali, so I know how. I have a police officer living a few apartments down from mine so smoking a little wont necessarily catch his nose... but growing/processing is pretty pungent at times
  8. What city are you in? Most of the big cities have top notch stuff, just have to search for it.
  9. sounds like something an undercover cop would say :cool:
  10. Houston is full of it. Might take a little while but you will definitely find some dank. Go out and meet some new people and find out if they smoke and go from there.

    I doubt anyone will contact you through the forum though, too sketchy.
  11. Auto's man! you can grow em in a cardboard box and unless you consume more than 1 to 2oz a month odour wont be much of a issue for the number of plants you need.
  12. Auto seeds?
    where can i get these?
  13. First of all, it cracks me up every time you guys assume someones a cop when in-fact they are in pain and need their medicine. He isn't a cop, they have better things to do and it just doesn't happen.

    OP, I feel your pain and I lived in Houston(Friendswood) for several years and I can say pot is very easy to find. All you need to do is ask someone that looks like they smoke, white guy that looks like a hippie, black dude with fancy rims, or a mexican that. . .well, is mexican, and ask. It is risky but with good judgement and common sense you'll be ok. I have done the same thing for 15 years anytime I need a new connect and I have never been ripped off or taken to jail. The worst they can say is "no". Just say thanks and you go on about your business to the next one. Besides, this is your own fault for moving to a beautiful, but bible-loving place. If you need MMJ then you have to live in a state that understands that. Good luck!
  14. Take it form a fellow Houstonian, there is plenty of dank to go around :) contrary to what most people think, it's harder to find shwag down here than anything else. What part of town are you in?
  15. Im in Houston and there is some DANK bud out here. Yes, it is illegal and that sucks, but its some straight up chronic but im sure not near as good as medical from California. You may have to go through a couple dealers before you find a good one, but i assure you, with time you will find one with some nice herb.

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