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fruity weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by shaps1985, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. what's the most fruity weed you've ever grown, smoked, smelt?
  2. Fruitiest weed smell came from the fruitiest smelling weed I had.
  3. same here coincidentally and i think it was blue dynamite
  4. blueberry, big bang. Havent came across too many strains of the fruit variety. The two i had were damn fruity i can tell you that. Blueberry smelled like, well blueberries and fruity pebbles. Bigbang smell like straight up green apples.
  5. Can't remember which was the fruitiest, but my favourite fruity weed is Grandaddy Purp. tastes just like fruity pebbles. Yummm :smoke:
  6. Mango kush - i swear it tasted JUST LIKE mangoes :smoke:
  7. This
    I think they cross breeded the weed plant with the mango :D
  8. God damn, you guys are making my mouth water.

    I tried sour diesel, which had a lemon taste to it.
  9. Maui Wowie. Smelt great :D
  10. Not fruity but i once had Chocolate Thai and it kinda tasted like chocolate.
  11. i picked up 2 grams of chocolate thai kush last weekend, its a cross between chocolate thai and OG kush, tasted amazing. just finished it today
  12. Lemon Drop, enough said.
  13. Fruity Pebbles.

    it was called fruity pebbles, looked like fruity pebbles, smelled like fruity pebbles, and tasted like fruity pebbles. it was way bomb
  14. Mango kush. my favorite strain to date.
  15. Lemon diesel, lemon haze x sour diesel. smelt and tasted just like lemons
  16. this^ mmmmmhmmm that was good.... not to mention i had mangoes with it...
  17. blueberry lifesaver, lemon pez
  18. watermelon kush.
  19. Blueberry Yum Yum or GDP:smoke: Fruity weeds are the best by far! At least for taste.

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