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Fruity Tasting/Smelling Weed!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Kaptain Stealth, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. So Im thinking about my next grow and I am looking for 2 strains (preferably indica dominant but its allll good) to grow. I want to grow strains that Smell and/or Taste fruity or sweet. What are some strains that you guys have grown/smoked that were like that?? Also my friend has a vape so it will probably taste even better with that. I would like to have my grow box smell fruity haha so please chime in and let me know what you guys recommend!!!
  2. grand daddy purple is heavy indica, it smells and tastes like sour grape candy... best fukin smell and taste ive ever had.
  3. blue dream smells fruity, not sure which it is. i hear most if not all kush's smell fruity also.
  4. Oh yeah i forgot OG Lemon Kush... tastes and smells like lemon iced cake... dang i love living in Cali:hello:
  5. I'm toking on some Cinderella 99 right now. It's pretty damn fruity and I think it's a sativa dominant.
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    Maui Wowie tastes like tropical oranges.
    It's my favorite tasting weed of all time.

    Maui Wowie was also one of the strains that they were smoking in Half Baked lol.

    Here's a song about Maui Wowie.


  7. Wow, I was just thinking maui wowie wtf... But yeah maui wowie is probably one of the best tasting strains I've ever had. When you exhale... oh my god, that taste is incredible. So fruity and delicious, like a pineapple. I'd go with maui wowie, grow some chronic and that's a classic bud right there. Can't go wrong with wowie!
  8. Jillie bean, and Chernobyl are the two sweetest tasting/smelling strains i've come across....

    maui wowie is alright, pineapple, cantaloupe, green crack are all sweet smelling too. snowcap, jack herer, g-13, xj-13 are all good too, not quite as sweet, but a great taste nonetheless
  9. Grapefruit OG

    Or something to that effect, grapefruit x OG kush.
    most amazing (smell/visual/taste-wise) bud i have EVER had. The name grapefruit could not have fit the smell perfectly enough.
  10. Dammmmm lol sounds soooo good guys!! Fuck I wish I was living back in LA. Anways, those are all great strains BUT....where can I order those seeds?? I will only order single seeds because I will only have space for 2 plants and I would like to grow two dif strains (i know its not recommended to mix but Ill be fine), I dont wanna buy packs of 5 for $50 each, I would rather just pay 12 per seed or whatever. I have only order from singleseedcentre.com (recommended) so ill take a look and see if any of those strains are there. I know grand daddy purp isnt there....More suggestions please!! Thanks guys.
  11. Found:
    Hawaii Maui Waui- R $4, F $10
    Grapefruit Kush(B.C. Kush x Grapefruit)- R $15
    Pineapple Express- F $15
    C99- F $10
    Thanks for the suggestion Shipwreck but they dont ship to the US (at least thats what the FAQ says)
  12. If it were me I'd grow some of that Maui and that Pineapple Express.
    Grab some of the seeds from the pineapple express and sell them to your friends.

    Both of those strains would compliment each other SO well.
  13. Blueberry Diesel. It's like smoking candy.
  14. Yeah Im liking the sound of the Pineapple Express with Maui Waui combo. That would be a delicious harvest. Has anybody grown these? Like/dislikes?
    Himalayan Blueberry Diesel- R $6, F $12
    Strawberry Diesel- R $9

  15. You won't go wrong with the maui waui and the pineapple express man, I've smoked the maui waui before and the pineapple, both are excellent strains you can't go wrong. See what other people say but damn those are two perfect strains.
  16. Pineapple Chunk by Barneys Farm- F $11
    Im liking the pineapple strains, I will really consider growing Waui and Express.
    Is express mainly indica or sativa like waui?
  17. I seriously would want to be your friend and smoke all that tasty fuckin weed.

    I consider both legendary strains.
    Honest to God I still have a nug of Maui Wowie that I kept in a pill jar because it was the best tasting smoke I've ever had.
    I like remembering it I honestly wish I could get more.

    And plus you'll be able to say you're actually going to have Pineapple Express most people haven't even seen it in person.
  18. I can tell by ur pic that youre a pineapple fan lol
  19. Hell yeah, Maui Wowie basically changed my outlook on weed, it made me want to start looking for sweet strains

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