Fruity Loops 9?

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  1. Can someone please explain to me how they got started with this program?
    I've had fruity loops for awhile, but can't make anything that doesn't sound dumb as fuck lol.

    Is there possibly a tutorial online or something to get started?
    any tips appreciated.
  2. Start with a drum beat. Using the sequence and playlist features, it's really simple. Just set your tempo to something sorta slow (around 90-100 or so) and pull up the sequencer. Load in the basic drum sounds that you like (hi-hat, snare, bass drum, cymbals) and begin. For a simple 4/4 beat drop the snare on every 2nd or 4th step. Mess around and add bass drums and cymbals around that. At the top of the program there are two switches (one says Song and one says Pattern). Hit the pattern one and hit play to loop your current channel over and over, and keep adding/removing sounds until you get it to sound right. Once this is done, click on the playlist and add the channel to the playlist as many times as you want. You can then go to a new channel and drag and drop another instrument to layer over the drum channel. Once you have an instrument loaded, you can right click on the instrument's name and click on piano roll. This is like a digital keyboard where you fill in the notes you want for the instrument. I don't know, that's pretty much how i started out. Any production program takes some practice to get good with, and it's all about trial and error. I hope i helped somewhat, if not, eyyyy i tried.
  3. Yeah man, definatly gives me something to start with.
    Anyway I can download more 'sounds' to mess with?
  4. check out this site

    Home of the Best Free FLStudio Producer Edition Tutorials - FLStudio Tutorials - Beat Making Tutorials - Music Production Tutorials

    I still use fl studio from time to time along with ableton live

    crackrockstdy89 advice is cool if u wana make beats using your mouse ...

    this is what I do... load up the FPC add my drums sounds, then I go to song mode hit record and just play everything live and it records all my work into the playlist. I do this for the drums/bass/samples efx . plus I rewire reason 4 to use as a sound module. I use the Slicer X to chop samples, then drag them to the FPC or I might play them from the Slicer X ...check out that warbeats site it has all the info u need to get started

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