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fruity hydroponics what yall think

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by houstonstonie, May 22, 2003.

  1. k well im starting up a hydroponic grow and was wondering some things....like if you grow some normal fire hydroponically will it come out dro or just a fired up clone or what and im thinking about growin bananas and oranges in the same hydroponic system...besides being tasty will the fruit have an effect on the weed.....like maybe bubblegum banana blast?

  2. Hydro improves whatever strain you start with. If ita a good strain it will come out super, if its a shitty strain it will come out good, etc. etc.

    Can't grow fruit trees with the weed, two completely different growing conditions. You can add flavoring to your reservoir during the last couple of weeks to get some tatse and odor to your fire.
  3. well thats a sore in the bum! so i guess ill just throw some strawberry banana flavoring into the mix when the time comes........but theres got to be something i can grow alongside the weed.....also because of security reasons if something does happen i need an excuse....an a big ass banana plant growin where the feds tell me weed should be to me sounds like an excellent one.....or not but whatever keeps me free

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