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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CanadaGuy, May 16, 2011.

  1. I am stoned as fuck off of some amazing jack herer, but fruit is one of the best munchie food every. i am having some watermelon and strawberrys, the taste amazing.
  2. have some oranges! shit tastes like a fucken explosion of fruity flavor in ur mouth.
  3. Cool fruit story bro.
  4. Dude. I recently smoked Jack Herer and ate all sorts of berries. Are you my doppelganger (who likes watermelon I don't like watermelon)?

    But yeah fruit is such a better high snack than chips or fast food. I'm going to enjoy anything I eat while stoned, so why not it be healthy?
  5. mangos ftw
  6. I got high earlier, took a ride, then snacked on some pineapple and fl oranges mmm
  7. Fruit is my favorite munchies
  8. Pomegranetes..
  9. Froot loops. I can differientiate from every flavour/colour when I'm blitzed.
  10. We're triplets, I swear. I have some Jack right now, and I LOVE me some fruit :)
  11. yeh defiantly fruit is the best munchies,

  12. these kick ass . but they're not a fruit for high people . its to messy .

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