Fruit juice instead of water in the last days of flowering

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by quickdrygirl, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. What are your oppinions on that guys? Im a beginner but it makes sense to me but its not a wide spread thing and not many growers do it or even know it. Probably since its quite expensive especially if you grow a lot of plants.
    Since i have just small grow i was thinking of doing that thoughts?\

    Also posted this in beginner forums but that probably was the wrong place.
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  2. Your reasoning for this is what?

  3. sugars and such maybe aroma and taste aswell
  4. Not happening. You may attract some fruit flies but you certainly won't change or enhance aroma or taste. It doesn't work like that.

    Good luck and healthy gardens,

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  5. And have you tried that? I remember some time ago i did a science experiment where i put blue ink in flower water and the flowers turned blue. Plant literally sucks up the juice. Also ive read that you should add some sugars at the end of flowering to your water. So that would make sense.
  6. Phosphate and potassium for blooming... the plant produces its own sugar during photosynthesis for growth energy. You gotta water the plants by the quarter of the light schedules. Letting a gallon run off a pot doesnt mean shit cause the plants will only absorb what the muddy soil leaves. Water with a pint or 2 per pot just until the topsoil is aggravated. Then try remembering this simple step 4 hours later...

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  7. "ive read that you should add some sugars at the end of flowering to your water. So that would make sense."

    What will adding "sugars" to your water do? You mentioned enhancing flavor and aroma - adding sugars to your water isn't going to do diddly squat.

    But - try it and let us know.

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  8. I usually just mix the powdered kool-aid directly into the soil before even planting seeds. :love-m3j:
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  9. I feed mine milk to make it big and strong.

    Lol. You can't just feed it any liquid and expect it's desired effect. A plant doesn't suck up sugars and says yea I'm going to be sweet now. I know someone that uses piss for nitrogen. He says his plants taste amazing and they do look amazing but I will never try his.

    I add molasses in my last week's of flower and flushing. It does not taste like molasses however. Just greatly helps with flushing, smooth taste, and resupply necessary sugars lost.

    Jerry is a very experienced grower and definitely knows what he is talking about. One of the great 100% organic growers on this forum.

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  10. I've never heard of anyone doing anything like that and it would probably do harm before it would do any good.
  11. mollases = sugar bro. So what would the difference between legit fruit juice and that be? Same
  12. 15mg of sodium on the "organic" grape juice would nuke your plant while mollases has 7mg youonly flush for 1 week so that is my own personal theory. Anyway I am no scientist but I am a firm believer of the rule of common sense let me know if I am off target
  13. im not a scientist either it just made sense that if some people use molasses maybe experiment with juice. Noone has done it what so ever and i mean its not gonna kill the plant esp if its the last week or few days of flower so there would be no problemos with that imo. I will try that and report after.
  14. I completley agree with you. It will be a great experiment and I really look forward to your results. Could you take pH readings as you go with your flush so we can see how much it rises anyway good sir I hope to hear some results
  15. all i have are the PH strips you think they are accurate enough?
  16. Your best bet is to flush as normal while growing. At harvest when you cut her down, grab a sturdy vase add 1/2 cup water, and 2 tsp of a flavor extract of choice. And it does indeed work. As will it with food coloring. 1/2cup water and a few good squeezes of food coloring will change the color as well. Note: imo dont do mint or menthol as it makes the smoke harsh. Mocha and vanilla works very well. Red is also my favorite color to add bag appeal lol

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  17. How long do you keep it in the vase?
  18. I think they will be. As long as you establish what your baseline so you can track the progress. I have a digital one that I got from amazon for about 20 bucks so if you aren't satisfied with the strips other is plan b
  19. You'll see a change after 12hrs or so. For color, big change afters 24hrs. No need to go longer than 48 tops. Flavor 24-48hrs, no longer than 72.

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