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Fruit Flavored Weed

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Coldgreenetea, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Everyone has heard of blueberry kush, strawberry cough, grape kush, whatever. I can understand how a plant might smell sweeter than normal, expecially dank stuff, but how would one distinguish a blueberry's sweetness from a grape or strawberry? Is the actual fruit bearing plant genetically hybrided into marijuana? Wouldnt that reduce its yield and THC? Or are these tastes figments of our imagination? I am interested because recently a friend of mine got some nice dank hairy orange buds and it smells like oranges, I am suspecting that they just used orange peels in the bag or while curing to increase water weight and add a nice smell to it...I prefer my weed untarnished, if i want some fruit, I will bite into a fucking orange.

  2. Hi, Coldgreentea. I know that marijuana plants aren't crossed with other species of plants. The names refer to different aromas produced by the plants. After inbreeding a certain strain for long enough you can develop distinct flavor profiles such as blueberry, grame, lemon, bubble gum, etc. In my experience taste and smell are subjective, and everyone might taste the same plant differently.

    I have had a couple weird experiences that I will share. 2 summers agoI grew a strain called Lethal Purple. I grew it in the midst of a number of tomato plants and beans, and other vegetables. One of my plants was really stunted and in was growing directly beside a tomato plant. The roots of the two plants grew together. The result was a weed plant that had really tomato-ish undertones in the bud. I couldn't believe it as I have never read about it before. Several of my friends were also skeptical, but agreed the weed definatly smelled like a really skunky tomato plant.

    Last summer I got a nice crop of God Bud. I tried to plant tomato plants all around but none of them acquired the tomato-ish undertones. I grew one plant that was quite short. When I harvested it it smelled heavily like Licorice. The scent slowly changed to a citrusy smell. When I rolled a joint of it mixed with a buddies kush, we both agreed it smelled EXACTLY like watermellon. The joint literally smelled like it had been rolled in a watermellon rolling paper!!!11

    So in conclusion; the taste isn't a figment of our imagination, but smells can be different to different people. Weed is changing it's smells as it cures. Marijuana can't be hybidized with fruit plants.

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