Fruit compost?

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    Think any kinds of fruits added to the soil to break down would be good? I would think citrus fruits might have too many acids, although they might break down. Maybe bananas and apples or some vegetables.

    If it weren't bad for the plant, seeing that fertilizers and what not reflect on the taste of the bud, if you put fruit in its soil, and/or gave it fruit juices, id think it could certainly give it a better taste.

    Just so long as you don't put in something that's gonna hurt your plant or over do it.

    Id say try several mellow fruit juices, mixed with water. Then test the PH's and see which ones don't have a dangerous level. And maybe you can adjust PH by evening it out with something else, or dilute it more with larger quantities of water.
  2. No! Fruits and veggies are added in the compost heap. I know some gardeners just place fruits (lemons idk), as mulch. I wouldn't do it on the mj, might attract fungus and pests.
  3. why test it? no one has the time to do this...its basically non-composted fruit that is a time release (if your plants dont die by then)
  4. Good point corto.

    What about the slight juices?
  5. Check out my new thread in the Organics section, why not convert your fruit scraps into worm castings?

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