Fruit Auto Seedling Yellowing Condition (Nutrient Deficiency?)

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  1. Interesting condition is shown on my young Fruit Auto seedling. Yellowing shown on the center of the leaves while some burn marks shown on the edge of the leaves.
    s_0009512.jpg s_0009514.jpg
    Here is the environment:
    1. Humidity - 20%
    2. Air circulation - 10 ft3/hr
    3. Temp - 75 F
    4. Medium - Pure Perlite
    5. Water - Tap water at PH 7.6 balanced to PH 5.8 every 4 days
    6. Nutrient - None
    7. Light - 25,000 lux
    There is one other seedling growing under the same condition while the medium is 50% soil/perlite. It's healthy.
    Any idea what happened? Is this an early sign of phosphorus deficiencies?

  2. The photos I sent were burry so I am sending a new one. Hopefully it looks a bit more clear.
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  3. Some of mine are doing this, whereas I have 2 that are nice and dark and without issues. I hope someone chimes in and kills 2 birds with 1 stone!
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    Do you think it might be genetic?
  5. Hopefully my fear is largely imagery...but I think the condition has worsen today.
  6. I start feeding about 700ppm ph'd at 5.8 at this stage. I grow in straight coco so my nutes should be different from what you'd use...but yeh I'd start with light feedings.
    tap water contains a few few micro nutes...Ca, Fe, Mg.... but you need some N and P ..the perlite has almost no nutes in it.
  7. Cool man. Will try.

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    After 5 days, the seedling has recovered from the nutrient deficiencies. The damaged leaves did not recover, and from what I read, they will not recover. The seedling is rather small (currently two weeks and two days ago from the seed). Hopefully it will grow faster from now on.
  9. Oh, just so anyone curious, this plant now is very happy and healthy. If you use perlite, make sure to give the plant enough nutrients in the early stage.
  10. Looks much more like nutrient burn than deficiency.

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    It does look more like nutrient burn. This teaches us that not to always follow common sense and tutorials. We must make our own judgements based on the reality.

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