Frozen soil mix?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by abrahamx, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. I mixed up some soil last spring with a bunch of meals, eathworm castings, etc...  I was using Jerrys no till method and have the soil in 20 gallon containers but I have left them outside.  I am in MI so it has been frozen most of the winter.  My question is will this soil still be good to use if I bring it inside?

    well...soil freezes in your yard every plants still grow in your yard<waiting for it to click...>
  3. Good point.  What about soil that has been sitting inside without any water for 6 months plus?
    The soil microbiology is still there, just dormant.  Start rehydrating those dry pots about a month before you want to use them.  I'd hit them with plain water first, soaking the pot thoroughly and evenly.  Then water with a little fish hydrolysate/molasses the next time it dries out.
  5. EWC Slurry to increase diversity/population.
  6. Would that be the pretty little slurry with the fringe on top?

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