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Frozen RSO

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by opusthe2nd, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. This is a 2x2" chunk of frozen RSO. To put it in a syringe for consumption, what are my simplest options?

  2. I would just infuse a bunch of coconut oil. No need to draw it into a syringe.
  3. Good advice.
    If you do this keep careful track of everything so you can estimate potency.
  4. So "dilute" it will coconut oil, then do what with it? How will I dose it? By saying "a bunch", give me a rough idea, percentage wise.
  5. You need to heat it on a coffee pot warmer,in a glass or stainless bowl, then draw it up ...
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  6. I make doses from the syringe into gel caps, and weigh each one for consistency...
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  7. If you know the THC% and the number of grams, then you can calculate potency.

    Assuming it's about 1/4 inch thick, that square has a volume of about
    Vol = (2 in)*(2 in)*(1/4 in) = 1 cubic inch
    Expressed in cm, that's
    Vol = (1 in^3)*(2.54 cm/in)^3 = 16.4 cm^3
    Assuming density is the same as oil,
    Mass = (16.4 cm^3)*(0.92 g/cm^3) = 15 grams
    This was an unimportant calculation to find a ballpark figure for mass of RSO, which you can more easily do by just weighing it.

    Here's a sample calculation for adding 15 g of 90% THC RSO to enough coconut oil to fill a 30 mL tincture bottle:
    Potency = (15,000 mg RSO)*(0.9 mg THC/ mg RSO)/(30 mL) = 450 mg THC / mL Mixture

    So 1 mL of the mixture will be about 450 mg THC
    A 1 mL medicine dropper holds about 30 drops, so
    1 drop = (450 mg THC)/(30) = 15 mg THC

    Make sure the RSO is decarbed (240 F for 40 min) unless it already is.
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  8. I just broke out in a sweat with all that math! I do not know the THC. Capsules are a pain. What I generally do is stick it in a jar and them toothpick it out and weigh each dose. The mass is 17g

    I just want enough oil to make it "greasy" enough to keep it pliable but not liquid. Kinda like thick peanut butter. Mix in some lecithin?
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  9. What you suggest should work.
    Many people add lecithin.
  10. Um......Yeah......What he said :wacko:
  11. I'm assuming it's decarbed. If it was mine I'd mix it with enough MCT or other light weight oil to make it flow easily and put it into a dropper bottle. Putting it into capsules is simple enough from a dropper bottle, just count the drops and you'll easily find your perfect dose by trial and error. Error on the side that doesn't overdose you. I've tried many ways to dose over the years, this is the easiest and best way to get a consistent dose each time.
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  12. Now THAT"S something that confuses me when I hear that...
    When I boil mine down in a rice cooker, it Decarbs itself....
    Why do some folks insist on de-carbing the material first ? It's not necessary,unless you're gonna air evaporate it for several days...
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  13. It has been decarbed. I'm a cow guy so I have lots of syringes. I think I'll make it liquid enough and just dose it by drops. Will it separate in the syringe?
  14. No
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  15. I was assuming it's been decarbed because OP said it was RSO.
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  16. Understood...
  17. If you do that a tincture bottle with a dropper might be easier.

    That’s what I do.
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  18. True, but I'd have to make it a lot thinner, which I could do I guess. Store it in fridge?
  19. Actually,I did warm up a little of mine, and mixed it in with some store bought CBD oil, and that mixed together well...In the original CBD dropper bottle...That made it easier to just get a light dose at a time.
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  20. I keep mine at room temp.

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