Frozen Planet

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  1. Watch it....on discovery.....its on right now....mind=blown

    the whole slow-mo shit is fuckin with my baked ass mind
  2. I loved watching that show. Only thing I wanted to see more about the under water ecosystem. I've seen most documentaries already so the Polar bear and Elephant seals I've already seen stuff on them but the coral reef growing in freezing waters tripped me out.
  3. The scene with the two walrus-looking motherfuckers beating the shit out of each other was bonkers.
  4. Word and seeing that leapord seal in the wave comin towards the penguins was fuckin crazy

    Really wanna watch Planet earth now

  5. Did you see when the Orcas came up on the penguins, they got the fuck outta the water. And the wolf scene with the pups tearing up a rabbit was great.

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