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  1. So the other day I was bored after toking and I had an idea. I cleaned my glass pipe good as new and threw it in my freezer for a few hours before smoking again.

    When I took it out it was so cold it actually hurt my hands to hold. I use a small towel to hold it while I smoked and it was one of the best smoking experiences of my life. The first hit I cashed a huge bowl because I just couldn't feel the smoke it was such a smooth hit. Blew out smoke just kept coming out of my mouth. That one hit was enough to send me off on my way for the whole night.

    Has anyone else done anything similar?
  2. Im not sure if its hot pan with cold water breaks glass or cold pan with hot breaks glass but you might want to be carefull not to break your pipe. I know the make bowls for bongs to do this just not sure if its different stuff
  3. I think it may be hot pan with cold water. However, I also am not sure exactly. I don't want to break my pipe but I definitely want to try it again. It seems to be the same effect as an ice bong but they're out of my price range at the moment. I'll look into getting one when I have the budget for one.
  4. It can still break from going from super cold to hot too quickly. If you hold your lighter against the glass for too long it will probably crack.
  5. Lol, the real question is how long have you been smoking? What is your tolerance?

    Most experienced members would know that you dont want to rapidly change the temperature of glass. The goal is to minimize things that can damage the structural integrity of it.
  6. I put my bubblers in the freezer before using them for the most part and never really had a problem. I did break one of my favorite bubblers like that though but that's just cuz i left it in the freezer for about a day cuz I forgot about it
  7. you should be carefull with glass. . the flame touching that could probably crack or shatter it, if there are bubbles and thin parts o could see it fuckin it up. . i know hittin glasseys with a torch can make bubbles fuckin POP! lol . . i bet a frozen pipe being hit with a torch would be pretty epic tho, , haha. but dont do that!!! sorry bro im a in a bit of an altered state. .
  8. i have a pipe that freezes and glows in the dark. it's supa cool, i love the smooth hits.

    even better are the hits i get from my ice catcher bong :D

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