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Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by tetrahydrocanna, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. Hi

    i have heard a few growers say that the frost will bring on your outside plants........through all my reasearch into growing mj i have never found anything about this........all i know is that mjs preferd growing temp is 25c anything above or bellow this will slow the plant down.....so could it be possible could a frost make your plant bud faster or is it just a load of shit????

    anythoughts anybody....

    laters jay.
  2. I thought that frost straight up kills your plants. My mom and I used to always go out and cover the flowers with blankets when the frost was gonna happen over night. In my knowledge frost freezes the plant and it only takes one time to kill them.
  3. I stand corrected. I just went to my binder of information and found something about frost. I think I got it on overgrow like six months ago.

    "One other thing to watch for is frost. Even a mild frost can damage plants so watching the weather closely in late September and throughout October is important. If your plants do get damaged by frost the erb is still harvestable so don't give up entirely if you fail to chop before the first frost. If by some freak chance there is a frost in early September and the buds are still very small you may want to allow the damage to occur and then let the buds finish maturing rather than harvesting a small quantity of premature buddage. This type of situation is an on the spot call and you must consider many factors, such as bud size, weather predictions for the following weeks, strain of weed, location of site, etc., before deciding. Indica varieties usually mature sooner than sativa varieties, and the best time to harvest varieties acclimated to the Northeast is from late September to mid October. Those varieties not acclimated to the Northeast, such as Columbian or Jamaican, are best left to late October or even mid November if the weather permits. One other thing you want to avoid is harvesting in the rain. Moisture can lead to problems in the drying process such as molds and fungi. The dryer the plants at the harvest date the better."

    just something I dug up, so I humbly stand corrected in reference to my earlier statement....doesn't that sound cool to word things like sofisticated people? :smoke:

  4. lol.....thanks fot that but thats just common sence really......ive heard from growers here that the first frost will get the buds comming on faster but i cant realy see it myself i could be wrong.....i think its just another growing myth or old growers tale...lol....thought i would post that in here to see if anybody new something....laters.
  5. hi

    my experience of general gardening is that frost will damage pretty much any
    flowering plant and it generally takes a while to recover and when you factor in
    mary janes subtropical preferences i dont reckon it would give a boost

    just my humble opinion....
  6. I would assume breeds of cannabis that are grown in/from northern areas tend to be more accepting of frost. This is just an assumption. Will the frost slow down the budding, yeah, it probably will. But if the strain is used to it, then the buds shouldn't slow down as much as a tropical strain.
  7. Hey man, Here's a picture of one of my babies put out June 5th last year, we had a nasty frost on the 7th. From the picture you can the frost turned alot of the leaves completely white. She had taken a long time before whe purked up and finished. The plant did survive for an Sept 1 harvest. I go about 150gm from it. Funny about this thread about making your plants finish quicker because out of 16 plants I harvested her 2 weeks before any others.

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  8. The old grower's tale could come from the old saying that "Whatever doesn't kill ya, only makes you stronger."
  9. canuckdude- whats that stuff called around your plant, i cant think of the name and looks like it could be helpful..ill have to get sum.

  10. Burlap or chicken-wire?
  11. wrapped buckets in burlap for camo and chicken wire for pests.
  12. did the plants stay in those buckets for the entire grow???
  13. yea man they stayed in buckets til the end, here's a pic of her just before harvest! I'm actually smoking the last of her tonight. She was the last jar to open :(.

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  14. if she wasnt in that bucket she would have been alot bigger.......
  15. Your right dude, I'm going to do some directly in the ground this year along with some in buckets, I'll post pics of the differences.
  16. thats the only way to find out for your self.........

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