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Frost last night

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by kpinkne1, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. Yesterday was quite a chilly day. NCAA fotball happened leading me to my bed rather quickly. IT frosted last night . Woke up and frost covered my 5'9" Kiwi Skunk from New Zealand. IDK if i should harvest thsi plant now, let the sun get at it first , or leave it out for another week or so... PLEASE HELP ME LOL Im not trying to lose mycrop, its been a long time coming. She has pretty healthy buds and seems to be a hearty plant, but the leaves were droopin this morning after the FROST..,...... Anything from anybody...
  2. Dude I feel your pain. Simply put, I ran into the same exact problem about two weeks ago. Basically you got to use your best judgement and decide whether or not the frost will continue; use your resources, weather, internet, whatever works. One or two nights wont kill the plant, definitely stun it and drop the leafs like you describe, but not kill it. SOOO...what my rambling ass is saying: If it was just a fluke and frost his once but is not sticking around, then YEAH sure leave the plant in the ground. If it is around for good then chop it down.

    I live in a cold ass environment and frost has settled in already. I had to chop some early but on the other hand I also had some plants that finished on time and before the frost hit so I dont know what to exactly think. All I know is a few freezing nights one kill the plant. Just look at everything else around you. Flowers are still "somewhat" out, the leafs on trees are still shades of green and not falling off completely. If that shit can handle it, so can your happy little plant. Just do your thing.
  3. make a tepee out of a drop cloth or something and cover it at night
  4. I agree. Just use an old bedsheet or 2 and cover it up when the sun goes down. Uncover it in the morning AFTER the sun has been up for an hour or so. The temp. drops big time around this time of year when the sun comes out first things in the morning. Something to do with the sun pushing the cold air down to the earth, but in any case, wait an hour to uncover the plant after sunrise.

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