Frost Danger, harvest early, pics

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by DevilRed, Oct 1, 2003.

  1. White Widow harvested a week to 10 days early. Hows it look?

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  2. pic

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  3. I don't think its too bad for an outdoor grow of sensi white widow. Weather is calling for lows in the lower 30's for the next three nights and highs of only like 50 and rain so i gave her the chop
  4. This is a pic of about 70% off the harvest from this one plant

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  5. pic of her before the chop. I hope to get about 5 or so ounces off her. 7 would be nice, she was pretty big.

    The buds would of increased in size i imagine over the last week, but i didn't want to deal with the frost/freeze. She is VERY stinky and VERY sticky icky. I imagine thats a good sign. The pic of the buds with the clips in the first pic, is of a pair of 11 inch snips, to give an idea of the length of the clusters.

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  6. Wow! Very nice, I have heard many great things about white widow, never tried it, but hope to someday. Anyway, good job on that, have a great smoke and sell (if you are)
  7. looks tasty, good job
  8. :eek: amazing buds man! I cant wait till next years O grow, im going to be growing some WW also. Ive had enough of this bagseed crap. Is it the nirvana strain?
  9. Not sure what the strain is of the Widow. My buddy purchased some widow seeds two years back and the past season he allowed a bunch to seed out so he would have a lot of seeds. He gave me about 200 seeds to play with. I planted about 50 of them.

    Im now keeping three mums off the most productive female I had. I took a lower limb and cloned it for next year to crop 10-15 females off each, and the rest from seeds.

    All i know is its the strain that smells, STRONG! and will knock you right on your ass with a few good hits.
  10. About the smell, how far away could you smell her from when she was in the ground?
  11. smell.......well ahhh, it was in a corn field, but i would say you could smell it a good ten rows in any direction. :)
  12. How far is a row, like a yard or so? Im going to grow some ww next year outdoors and i just would like to know how stanking it is.
  13. Yea, about a good 10 yards or so. Some people couldn't pick up on the smell, others did right away. It was stinky early in the veg stage, then mid summer it didn't really smell again until it started to flower. The scent changed also as the plant got closer to harvest.

    Hope this helps.
  14. Thanks! Have fun smoking and selling all those buds! Im sure it will be an amazing smoke.:smoke:
  15. very nice. turned out a lot better than my grow. I'm giving my plants about 3 more weeks. Right now there indoors chillin by windows but i'm taking them out on warm days. They been indoors for about 5 days, its going to be warm for about a week so i'll put them out tonight and leave them out until the next frost. Then probably put them in the windows for a little longer beacuse they are really small. Thats a nice plant though man, maybe next year it will get more time.

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