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  1. We just moved to a actual house.. not an apartment. Im thrilled but the only thing is the house is on a corner lot and set back on the lot and toward the left. The back yard is small and due to trees won't get enough sun for a garden. We have a HUGE front yard and most of the lawn area is on the west side of the house.

    This is a giant area with crappy crab grass. I want to make a few raised beds and grow my garden there. My husband thinks the neighbors will complain. But lets say I do not grow corn.. how bad could it be?

    I will have to get a picture of the area up for you guys.. I told my husband its going to happen I'm just waiting on cash to buy the wood and soil. Thats what our tax return is going towards lol

    So if your neighbors planted a raised bed garden out front would you be angry? Would you complain to the city? I have checked our city codes and can not find anything that states no gardens allowed out front.

    I was lazy and just held my cell up over the back fence so you guys can get a idea of the area. I was thinking more toward the stop sign but away from that walnut tree. behind me is a giant pecan tree as well. so I have to sort of go inbetween the two trees.

  2. I don't see why anybody would care unless you were obstructing their property. After all, it is your garden? Do whatever you want to do.
  3. They might get jealous that youve outdone their bland, no character, grass covered front lawn that produces nothing of actual use. Or they might be like hey man nice garden!
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    1- I would like to see my neighbors put in a raised bed and grow lots of different things!!

    2- I would never complain to the city.....

  5. I don't think a few maples, ferns, and hostas would be bad.
  6. With exposures north and east, you will need plants that thrive in shade / semi shade, and most plants are not as fragrant. Some good choices: thrush, hostas, bleeding hearts.

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