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Front weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MindlessWASTE, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Need the full definition mann
  2. Its a agreement between you and your dealer that he will give you the weed if you pay him whenever you two decide,

    He fronted you the weed
  3. wtf? if your asking what "fronting weed" means, it means giving the person the weed before they give you the money. don't front anything, unless you know without a doubt the person will pay you.
  4. I give you the weed, you pay me later
  5. Fronting is bad business.

    1. If you're the one getting fronted make sure you can pay back and I wouldn't get a lot fronted. I had a bow fronted to me once and ended up getting robbed for the bulk of it. This caused me to owe money to someone I really didn't want to owe money to. People will try to use this to their advantage and may start thinking of you as an investment(ie you owe them money so you have to keep reupping from them)
    2. If you're the one fronting you have to know damn well that you'll get the money from them. If they don't pay and you do nothing about it you can expect it to start happening more often from different people.

    All in all I'd say only front or accept fronts for small amounts from close friends.
  6. unless you really need some bud, its ok to get fronted ONCE in a while.

    DONT make a habit of it. youll start falling behind. it WILL happen because if you had the financial part in control you wouldnt need a front.

    if you cant pay back a front on time, you could get attacked. or youll just get ripped off on your next deal. you will have lost some of the trust of your dealer. even if you didnt intentionally do it, he'll be more skeptical of fronting you next time.

    if someones asking YOU for a front, seriously, just dont do it. i dont like having the thought on my mind that someone owes me something and what if they dont pay me back. even the people you think wont take advantage of you, might just do that. around here we say "if you aint got no greens, youre not getting any greenery."
  7. Meh, in some places I guess it's how shit gets done... a necessary and ugly part of the underground distribution that marijuana has been forced to have. It can be dangerous, avoid it on either end if you can.
  8. Its a bad idea on both ends as everyone has been saying. And somone above me said your dealer loses your trust which deff sucks b/c maybe you get the weed fronted to you that time, but what about all the other times in the future you want it and he dosnt answer your call b/c you never payed him
  9. Old thread I know, but just felt compelled to add my $0.02.

    Like others have said, fronting is bad business. Once you go down that road people will start taking advantage of you and expect you to front them all the time. The next thing that happens is when they pay you back they are ten bucks short one time, twenty bucks short the next time, and they think you will forget about it. When you don't forget, it makes for an uncomfortable situation all around.

    So the moral is don't do it unless you are absolutely positive you will get paid back. That said sometimes you have to front. There is only one person I will front to, and I have known him for for several years now. Dude always pays me back, and on time.

    The thing that gets me are the people who want you to front them an 1/8th, or a quarter, or a gram of hash. To be honest, if your financial situation is such that you can't pay for 7 grams of weed up front, you either need to find another job or stop smoking weed because you can't afford it.
  10. I do this but I ALWAYS make sure I pay. You can't front weed and not pay it back, it's the same as borrowing money and not living up to your end of the bargain. It's always good to know that you can front a G or even a doob in your time of need.
  11. fronting is what i do for my best buddys never been fucked over yet because i only do it for people who i really know
  12. My friends usually pick up huge amounts at a time and im usually the driver, with that said, they usually front me half Oz's at a time and pay them back after "the product is distributed."

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