From when do you start counting flowering days.

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  1. Hey

    So I know this is a really controversial question and I'm open to all thoughtful answers.

    Some start counting from the switch to 12/12, some start counting when they see the first preflowers and others when signs of first budding sites are seen. Which brings me to the question...

    From when do you start counting your flowering days and why ? Please try to explain as thorough as possible so people can get a better grasp on this long disputed matter.

  2. it generally takes around 7-8 days for buds to start to really show well after flipping the lights to 12/12. I always wait about 7 days before I start the countdown. Been doing it that way for the past few years now and it works well. The whole point is making darn sure you give them the full flowering period or more so your buds are as strong as they can possibly be. Pulling early robs you of a better high so be patient and give them plenty of time to finish at the end. TWW
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  3. It may be long disputed, but it doesn't matter. Weeks of flower are just averages of the seed stock some will finish early while some will finish late...Get a scope and forget about mundane details such as this

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  4. That's right, I couldn't agree more myself. Budding usually takes 5-15 days to start depending on strain and I myself wait for the first signs of budding to start the countdown. Thanks for the great info @The Widow White
  5. Great angle ! Thanks for the input ! @SativaDreams
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