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From this Canna Grow Guide feeding chart...

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by zizou21, Nov 28, 2010.

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    The total ppm on that chart at the end there, does that include the water ppm? I have 300-350ppm tap, growing into 3 gallons, should I be following this schedule? Or should I be starting w/ 1/2 strength?

    Also, week 1 in this chart, is that really week 2? Seems like a lot of ppm for week 1.. I assume I should be feeding nutes in week 2, when the 2nd set of leaves have sprout?

    Thx guys, i just dropped my first seed into the shotglass . im so nervous!! :smoke:

  2. Use the light feed indicator on previous page.

    Week 1 I let seed sprout and fed/misted till first set of true leaves appeared

    then follow Week 1 on chart. etc etc etc, Go with the guide it is built for growing and is super easy.

    Remember that Canna line won't need any suppliments like calmag.

    GL, betting you won't need it though
  3. what light feed indicator from the previous page? confused :confused:
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    Here's what I'm running on my canna week by week.
    ML per gallon of each A and B.
    PPMs by week

    I'm totally new at this but what I've learned is that you should be keeping an eye on what the plant needs. Feeding it too much food will result in build up.

    What I'm going to do is feed on Day 1 and measure the run off. Then I water on days 2 and 3 without run off. On Day 4 I water with run off and measure that. This doesn't provide me with accurate information, but it gives me a ratio to work with. Over time I hope that these ratios will give me the ability to discern what is going on in the media.

    If the run off of the Day 4 watering is "low" this tells me I should feed the plant a little more. If the run off is still "high" then I can continue to water because the plant is telling me it doesn't need that much nutrition. Since the coco will wash out nutrients pretty easy I want to be careful to get the same amount of run off each time. Getting a bunch of run off, versus just a few ounces, could skew the comparisons.

    The watering run off gives me a value. It isn't the actual ppm level but it is a representative, a "shadow." By keeping tabs on how this shadow value moves by consistent testing methods I can infer what is going on with the plant.

    For me it is more about consistency than accuracy. More about having a general idea than specific knowledge. I think a lot of people feed, feed, feed... If you're using run off each time that can add up to a much bigger cost of growing at the end of day, litterally washing nutrients down the drain. I think that Feed, water, water, water, Feed, with minimal run off will work out for me so long as I'm very attentive and keep good records.

    You should at least be attentive and keep records. Where you go from there is up to you.
  5. On the grow guide step 4 you can pick water type, choose hard water or custom and put in your water's ppm.
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    kk, that makes sense.

    however, something i dont understand: if i choose a 3 gallon tank size on the canna growguide, it tells me to put 16.5ml of Canna A and B into my solution. But how much water am i using here? Does it not matter, as long as 16.5ml of nutes are in there? :/

    U guys think mixing my solution in a 1 gallon milk container is enough to feed a plant in a 3 gallon pot? Also, really newbie question, but where exactly do u feed the plant? pour the water around the sides? or pour straight on the root of the main stem?
  7. 3 gallons of water, if that is what you chose. So add the 16.5ml of A and B, the 3 gallons is just the base of your mix that you are adding to.

    A 1 gal container may or may not be enough... depends on how old she is, climate, etc. Too many factors to speculate there.

    To feed the plant there are many methods, if you are just hand watering, pour at the base of the stem just to make it easy on you.
  8. oh i see. 3 gallon tank is referring to the water reservoir with which i will be feeding the plant, not the pot size. :cool:

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