From the UK and Europe HAPPY NEW YEAR

Discussion in 'General' started by nomoredoubts, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. peace and much love GC
  2. Happy New Year!

    Holy shit the firework display was amazing, I was not expecting that :eek:
  3. You too mate.

    didnt watch it got C4 full blast smoking some super sour diesel with me and my girlfriends friend, have a look....
  4. Happy new year. Currently smoking a nice cheese joint after carrying my mate home!
  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR MAAAANNNN!!!!! This is my 420th post, fuck yeah. I'm drunk as fuck, smoked SOOO much shit man, I swear to god, tonight is unreal.. Aaaaaaahhhh, I'm happy!!!!!!!!!!!

    Me tomorrow =
  6. its only 4,30pm guys haha
    happy new year keep blazin
  7. Happy New Years, Blades!
  8. Damn, my post from last year.

    Happy new year again I guess.
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    Happy New Year, mates. Looks like we beat you to it again here down under. :p

    Hope you have an even better Eve than last year, and judging by that post, it was a great one. :laughing:
  10. its 10:00 am on the 31st here
  11. California? We're at 4AM on the 1st down here.
  12. It's 1h33 pm here still have 10h27 to go before 2014 ...
  13. you set off some c4 for the new year?
  14. You too man. It was pretty good until I got so drunk I basically blacked out. Apparently I pissed on a van. Good times.
  15. Wishing you all a happy new year and all the best, from the UK :)
  16. Key words.... U.K and EUROPE.
    It was around 4.30pm here in the UK when he posted that.
  18. @[member="2Pac"] So when you coming back then? ;)

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