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  1. This all stated in my junior year in highschool. I was 18, and I was just always upset that life seems to shit on me at the worst times. School hit me hard and work was completely hate filled. I nonetheless wanted a change in the picture but I didn't know what.
    I was taking web design at the time; I spent a lot of time talking and gabbing to my friend Tyler. At the time, my friend Lukas, wasn't acquainted to me at the time. He was the "stoney ginger with funny stories" to me. For the most part, I really had no desire to smoke or do anything for that matter. It wasn't until I found out my friend Tyler smoked. He seemed like the kind of person who wouldn't. I found that amusing.
    That same day I found out I went home and watched a documentary on marijuana. I had a craving I never felt and to be honest, it was foreign to me. I went online and trolled some forums like this one and see what I can learn about cannabis. I needed assurance that it wasn't something that would hurt me because I was always a "prospective buyer".
    It didn't take long for another story to pop up. Tyler had dropped web design that following semester, so I never saw him at school. Lukas at the other time went up to the plate and we became friends. As time went on, we exchanged numbers and began to get to know each other.
    One phone call was all it took. Lukas and Tyler were out smoking pot in Lukas's grandfather's shed. They called and asked if they wanted to play League of Legends and I said sure. That night, we had a heartfilled conversation and whooped booty in LoL. At the end of the night, I texted Lukas to ask if I can get some weed. He said sure.
    I went to the ATM and got 10 dollars. Not a whole lot, but for a beginner stoner, it was a gold mine of awesomeness. Me, Lukas, and Tyler all piled into Tyler's van and traveled down the second biggest road in my city. We traveled into downtown Rockford and pulled into someone's driveway. Percy. or PP, was our man. I can still remember the smell of the weed we bought. Lemon with a hint of pine. The nug was sticky as all hell, and was thick and seedless. When PP heard it was my first time, he cut us a deal and said word for word, "Kid takes 2 hits and he'll be flyin'." When I heard that, I obviously got excited.
    There wasn't many places to go, so we went to the shed. It was a warm spring night, so we piled into the shed and felt the air come in. The shed was packed with a bunch of gardening supplies. Much of it was covered in grass blades and dust. Tyler took a seat on an old moped and Lukas was busy shuffling to get the weed out of the tied up baggy. I stood there awkwardly as Tyler handed me a metal cigarette which I later learned is called a one hitter.
    Lukas handed a piece of the weed to Tyler who then proceeded to grind it in a grinder. Twist after twist, I knew it was go time. One Tyler told me to hand him the one hitter, my heart was ready to die. The world has taught me that "drugs are bad" and "weed can kill you", with a hint of "addiction". Since I'm far more intelligent than most of peers, I knew my research on marijuana proved it was safe to take. When he packed the one hitter, he handed it to me.
    "Here, just put it to your mouth and light the end and suck in." Lukas said. Tyler soon followed up with the same thing, but repeated differently.
    I of course was dumbfounded. I never smoked a day of my life, I didn't quite get the idea. Tyler took the one hitter and put it to his mouth. He put the lighter to it and began to suck on the flame. Once I saw that, I nodded and Lukas laughed and said, "Now he gets it."
    I took the one hitter and did the same. At first I didn't feel anything. After the third hit, I began to laugh at dumb jokes but didn't quite feel it. On the fourth hit, I really did pull in on it. The hit exhausted the one hitter completely which is quite hard for even a regular pot smoker. I coughed up a storm.
    It was about 10 minutes in, and I still was coughing. The back of my throat was on fire but I wasn't angry at myself. In fact I was calm about it.
    Once I began to relax from the coughing and the pain subsided, I stared at my friends and they looked at me. I smiled and began to laugh in my breath. They began to converse and I eventually realized I was high as tits. I haven't laughed that hard in my life! It was a perpetual generation of laughter. The more I laughed, the more I realized I was high. The more I realized I was high, the more I laughed. This entire escapade of laughter lasted the entire drive back.
    That night I went home stoned as balls. I drove rather well to my surprise. I had an eighth in my pocket and one hitter. The first thing I remember was the talk with Tyler at school before the night out. He told me where he hid his weed. He put it in a pill bottle wrapped in drier sheets inside a YuGiOh tin wrapped in drier sheets inside a string bag that is inside a back pack. He dubbed it the "Fort Knox". With that thought in my head, I began to think of elaborate ways of hiding my weed.
    Since I lived in my basement, and my parents don't go through my things, I began to think outside the box. When I got home, I went on Twitch and began to watch Runnerguy2489 play Ocarina of Time blind folded. While I was chilling out, I realized that my desk was perfect. It was an "L" shape desk. I sit under it and take 2-3 hits and blow the smoke into a sploof and no one would know. I can even put my weed under the bottom file drawer. The only way to get to it is if you take the top 2 drawers out and unclamp the metal hook that keeps the file organizer in place out. That would be way to elaborate for my parents to think of doing, so I stashed it in there.
    With these methods in mind, I waited 2-3 days before trying marijuana again. I had to work up the confidence to do it because I was alone. At the same conditions as the night I stored my weed, I had Twitch up and was huddled under my desk. I had an empty ibuprofen bottle with a drier sheet in it to hold my ash as well as the Rx pill bottle Tyler gave me to keep my weed in. Next to me was one of those long nose bic lighters that you gotta press down on the top and pull the trigger to light it. I stole it from the living room just outside my door.
    The sploof was next. I went into the bathroom and got a used up toilet paper roll and some tape. I had plenty of drier sheets so the final product is a sploof I still use to this day. (albeit new drier sheets in it.) Once that was prepared, I took a piece of my nug out and broke it into pieces with my fingers. Once the one hitter was packed up, I pressed it onto my lips.
    I pulled in the smoke and coughed it out immediately. That failed. The next time, I managed to get the sploof to my face before I exhaled. It took practice to do it because my lungs weren't used to smoke yet.
    After awhile I got the hang of smoking out of the one hitter in my room. It was time to step it up a notch. At times when I wake up in the morning, I thought I might toke before school. So I took up the stairs all my supplies and went into the bathroom. The trick is that my mom was outside the door in her room. I had to eliminate all smoke.
    The first part was to turn the water on. Eliminate the sound of the lighter. Since my mom smokes, she knows the sound of a bic lighter being struck. Next was a making a triple long rubber sploof constructed entirely from melted down pen grips. Since I have practice in molding, it was relatively easy for me to make it. At my sink, theres a little pull-top where you can stop the drain, or open it. This was key.
    I set the rubber sploof over the drain and took a toke. It was a nice hearty one and I went to the rubber sploof and exhaled. I kept my mouth on it and pulled in an extra breath with my nose and blew in once again. After that was done, I pulled up the drain stop and turn the sink on to fill the rubber sploof with water. I then opened the drain and the water carried the smoke far enough down it wouldn't come back up.
    After I mastered that trick, it was time to take it up even further. School. Since at the time, school was automatically stressful, I took the oppurtunity to relax in the bathrooms. I pre-packed a hit every day and a lighter. I also brought an extra long straw I made from scotch tape and packs of disposable straws from the dollar tree. Since they were bendy, it was easy to fold up and shove in my backpack.
    I'd smoke up before school and right around 6th period (5 hours into school), I'd begin to come down entirely so I would ask to go to the bathroom. Once I was in, I had 10 minutes directly after class to smoke up. I found out the time it takes for a hall aid to get to this bathroom check.
    What I had to do was simple: Put the straw into the toilet. Shove it as far as it can go. Once I have that, I got the remaining left to blow into. Same method as the bathroom except easier. Once I was all done smoking up, the only smell in the room is the slight bit of smoke that escaped the one hitter which is barely noticable.
    The straw disposal was easy too. I lifted it out of the toilet and took a pair of scissors and cut it into tiny pieces to flush down the toilet. It also helped get the smoke down the drain.
    For those of you a bit skeptical, let me explain to you the kind of toilets we have at school. They're wall mounted with drains in the wall. The straw only has to get into the water, and down back 6 inches before it hits the "T" junction. As long as I have the straw far enough back, the smoke won't float back out. With my bathroom sink, I only had to get enough water to push it under the hump in the loop of the drain. As long as I do that, the smoke won't come back up.
    Smoking at work wasn't hard. I only have to wait an hour before everyone leaves and I can just smoke outside. Sometimes I can just do it the bathroom because no one ever uses it except me.
    Anyway, thats pretty much it. I keep these antics up even today. Although my varying abilities have expanded, they've kept the same premise.
    tl;dr: How I started smoking, and I prevented people from finding out.

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    I started when I was 15. Me and 2 of my friends got bored one summer and decided to try it. We called up a well-known stoner from school and bought 5 pre-rolled joints each for $50 per person (total rip-off, but I had no clue) and he smoked us out at this park where nobody goes. We all had amazing highs and from then on, it was our new thing.
    Firstly, it was just like once a month or so on weekends at the park with friends.
    Eventually, I got a proper connection and was able to do it regularly. About 3 months after my first time, I was smoking daily. I mostly used bongs, but occasionally with friends, we'd roll joints.
    Wake n bake in the shower, get high in the school bathrooms at lunch, 420 sesh after school at the park with friends then a midnight toke. Pretty routine until graduation. Didn't affect my studies or anything because I didn't allow it to. I was actually a pretty responsible kid.
    Smoking in my room when I lived with my parents wasn't too hard. They don't know what weed smells like and I managed to convince them that it was just my BO and deodorant hahaha. I even went to graduation stoned. My first part-time job was at the movies and they're all burnouts there so no worries.
    First time I got caught was by my girlfriend (ex now) and she ended up becoming a smoker too hahaha.
    To this day, my parents still have no clue. I'm 26 now.
  3. I'm not sure what propelled me to read that entire thing, or what exactly I've gained from doing so, but here we are. Now I feel compelled to write this, so I have something to show for the past few minutes of my life.
    Welcome to the city, mate. And good on ya, I guess. Finding so many creative ways to hide your smoke is commendable, I suppose, though strikes me as over the top. Even as a teen rebel, I would never put my face anywhere near a toilet just to get high.
    But hey, go you.
  4. Lol you're much more stealthy than me. I've been caught smoking countless times in my room, whenever I try to blow the smoke out the window some of it blows back in. And the first time I smoked in the school bathroom I got caught lol.
  5. Lol I love your rubber tubbing. Are you going to be the next technological genius for marijuana?

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