From the Peach State

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Green Grass Gal, May 29, 2009.

  1. A girl from Georgia that smokes?! WHAT?
    Yeah, it's hard for me to believe to.
    I'm new here. Got great pictures to be coming up soon.
    I'll keep yall posted!
  2. me too atlanta
  3. What's up! I'm in Athens.
  4. Awesome, Kennesaw-Acworth area. :)
  5. What's up? Welcome to GC :wave:

    Lookin forward to some of those buds! Hope the drought ain't hittin ya too hard.

    Douglas/Paulding :D
  6. Welcome to the city! Savannah, GA right here.
  7. im from gwinnett county, suwanee to be exact. My room mates girlfriend lives in kennesaw :p
  8. Welcome to the city! I'm from Marietta/Atlanta.
  9. my best friend goes to school at Kennesaw....and gets some of the best bud i've ever smoked from there :smoke:
  10. haha nice, if you live in marietta and are familiar with the music scene then do you know of the band a fight for life? their a local band there.

    btw atl smokers need to keep in touch with me, im constantly on the prowl for exotic buds.
  11. Shit I need to meet some of these people.
  12. Welcome. 912 here
  13. gwinnett/walton county for me not gonna give exact city but someone pm me if u from my area all i been gettin lately is some swag
  14. Welcome to the city! :wave: I'm sure you will enjoy your stay here!

    Try and be an active poster, there are a lot of good posters and information on this message board. Also if you haven't yet, check out The Rules.

    Also feel free to ask us any questions...! (As long as they follow The Rules ;) )

    Cya ! :D
  15. Hey! kennesaw here too. I'm actually At ksu. All the dudes I know are super sketch though.
  16. I know this is a month old but I feel compelled to give a shout out to all my fellow Georgians. Anybody down in savannah suffering from the drought like I am? pm me if you're down here and wanna burn or know where the green is.

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