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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by cocoa1, May 11, 2011.

  1. Total noob here getting ready to start a first-time indoor grow. Been doin lots of reading and have a friend with a grow op but I think he is overdoing it. He's got 30 plants in dirt and is using 18 one thousand watt hps lights. Paying $2500 a month in elec but he is consistenly pulling 28 lbs per grow so its hard to argue with success but no way i can use that much lighting.
    Anyway I'm in Az and have my medical card so to be legit I am keeping it at 12 plants with plans to go to 24(12 in a second 10 by 10 room) in the future with a roommate. I have a 10 by 10 room with tile floors. Okay so I plan to go with potting soil in 7 gal felt containers in a 3 by 4 grid , now I get to lighting. I am thinking of 6 600 watt lumatek dimmable ballasts with 6 hortilux hps for flowering and maybe 6 400 watt mh for vegging. I will use air cooled hoods with their own ventilation bringing outside air into the hoods and then out thru the attic. With this light setup should i daisy chain the exhaust(with maybe 8" hoods) or have them split with say 10" lines in and out which split into 2 6" lines to go thru the lights? so many questions.
    thats enuf for my first post, so what do ya think? pot size right? should i invest in light movers? exhaust vent layout and sizing? scratch the hps and go with cmh? cept I only see cmh as going up to 400 watt. thanks in advance for any advice

  2. so..... just to clarify... your a self proclaimed noob posting on a forum about your buddies grow which is working and your going to argue with his results? I might be out on a limb here.... his setup is working... leave it alone
  3. I cannot copy his grow as I don't have the space, money or electric power avail to run 18,000 watts or I would just duplicate his system. I guess I shouldn't even have mentioned his setup except i was curious as to the response would be. I was kinda hoping people would say he was using way to much lighting.
  4. I guess it does seem a littleodd to be asking for help here if I already know a successful grower but there is more to it. For one thing he paid someone to setup his grow and someone else to walk him thru his first two cycles so he is far from an expert. also he is over 1,000 miles away, doesn't talk on the phone and mistrust emails so you might say communication is difficult.
    Now can anyone offer some insight as to setting up this 12 plant grow in a 10 by 10 bedroom?

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