From stealing budplants to home invasions i was a crazy 14 year old!

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  1. Well, This particular event has been stuck on my mind so here it goes...

    When i was 14, me and one of my friends were walking down a street, in the beggining of the schoolyear which for us happends to be around Harvest time for outdoor marijuana! we smelt weed, Like a strong smell and decided to look over a fence and to our suprise... it was 25 Plants full on budding!

    I wrote down the address and we just about sprinted to my other friends house to tell him this, we then called 2 other of our friends, so it was 5 of us in total. we were obviously planning on jacking them.. We all got a garbage bags and some gloves and backpacks!

    Later that day we went back, and i knocked on the door to see if anyone was their my exscuse if they answered was "Hey have you seen my dog is ran away like an hour ago, It's a blue nose etc etc etc" but suprisingly, no one answered... So we went to hop the fence in the backyard and started picking! At first we were grabbing nugs untill i learned a faster method... Break of the branches with the top colas...

    after we got somewhat have of the plants we heard a car pullup, so we hopped the fence and just dipped back to my friends house and we were all freaking out because of how much we had.. And sure enough one of my friends got greedy and decided we should go back After a little bit of convincing everyone wanted to go back but i had that feeling that somthing bad was going to happend if we did and no one believed me!

    So, later on that night at around 3AM We go back, We hop the fence and we were being as quiet as possible, All we noticed is that they repositioned the remaining 10 plants where they can easily see from inside the house, so we carfully and quietly start harvesting them, after about 4 plants the people come out with a baseball bat, shotgun and crobar 3 people Tattooed up with gang tattoos, they all had Teardrops near their eyes and shit..

    So, i take my bud and start running we all make it over the fence and the person whos idea it was to go back is the last over with the biggest bag of the bud.. It was a chase 3 grown men running after us, all of us were 14 and 15, my friend has like some disease where he has random muscle spasms that cause him to fall, and ofcourse one of those happend as were being chased!

    So he dropped to the ground, ofcourse the one whos idea it was to go back for more and i decided i had to watch so everyone kept running, all 3 guys stopped and i just hid under someones car watching as they beat him with the crobar on his back and legs...

    I honestly thought they were going to keep beating him untill he died, untill like 5 minutes later a Police car comes, not just an ordinary one either! This one said canine unit, which meens theirs a damn dog in the car... I'm thinking to myself i need to get out of here i have like a pound of pot on me!

    So, as soon as i can i'm fucking sliding back slowly and just full on sprinting threw lawns trying to get the fuck back to my boys house, as the police takes care of Poor Juinor getting jumped.... as soon as i get back to the house, i go into the back and everyones their And i told them what happend to my friend who was getting beat, and the cops..

    The next day he comes over in the morning all beat up and told us what happend,
    The guys were getting charged with Assault with a deadly weapon/Assault on a minor/Cultivating marijuna... my friend got charged with Trespassing/Possesion of marijuana, and he had like 6 ounces...

    So trying to forget about that he still had like almost as much as all of us because the first time he took the most.. We go back to his house because he told us that we could trim it their and stuff, So we get their and his mom was going to help us, but then he wanted to go to his neighbors house because their growers Aswell,

    So we go to his neighbors house and start trimming away at Garbage bags filled with bud, now i'm 14 i have like maybe what would be a pound of dried bud, just freaking out.. i was planning on selling it, i meen that's aton of money to a kid.. and quite frankly it still is alot of money to an adult!

    after like what seemed like fucking hours of trimming they say "My uncles coming over you guys got to go, theirs no time to get the bud come back in an hour and we can finish trimming it" that sounded sketch, but it was their home so we really had no choice...

    After about an hour and a half we go back, and they have now full grown men over their,
    Went from being like 3 girls in their mid Twenties.. they told us their not giving us any of it, we cant go back and if we have a problem then Square up... So in the End we ended up with nothing...

    Really, Was it worth it? No karma was a bitch.. But ohwell... not everything works out all the time.. So hope you all enjoyed this stoner story!:smoke:
  2. I'm disappointed O.P. really am man...

    Even though you were 14.
  3. wow so you stole all that tree and then just gave it away to the other people.

    sounds like something i would have done at the age of 14...hopefully everyone learned their guys are lucky you were not killed...if i found some kids in my basement i would probably............
  4. You done got owned
  5. Learn not to steal from people
  6. Dude, i was 14... Everyone fucks up as kids.. just not as much as i did

    Because of all the shit i did from the age of 13-17 I'm still haunted by it today!
    I still can't even get my damn license untill im 21.
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    Still, that is some serious bullshit and I hope that whoever you ripped off is still in jail and cannot possibly trace your ip address (which is really easy btw), because you posted a detailed confession on a public/high traffic forum. Obviously you havent learned anything
  8. karma really got your ass.
  9. Fighting with someones online is like competeing the special olympics, even if you win your still retarded...
    Really, i posted this as somthing you can look and laugh not a hostile threat trying to get active with anyone online...
  10. You are forgiven young sir. :smoke:
  11. LMAO sounds like a story I did once with me and my 2 friends, like 3 times. Although, yours was much more interesting.

    On my same street, probably right now even, (besides me), there are growers. Up the street there is a spanish family and they had a big ass sativa plant in the back years ago, when I was 13. Me and my other friend R, were playing with the family's kids. We were playing tag and hide and seek and all that, running around the yard and all. Then, my friend is like OH SHIT THE WEED PLANT NIQQA. I was like ??? cause we've been looking for it since one of their daughters said her dad had a weed plant. I just started smoking a weeks before this, so I had no idea about nothing. I didn't even recognize the weed plant and was denying it to my friend. It was vegging at the time, and I was looking for actual weed so I thought it wasn't the plant. It was around September so I wonder why there weren't any buds... anyways. We end up stealing a bunch of fan leaves off of it, and dipping home. We did this countless times over like 2 weeks. Everyday we would go and play with the kids and steal some "bud", even though it was always just fan leaves. So, one day, my other friend comes over, lets call him H. H smokes too, and we decide to go and jack the plant again. H decided he wanted to steal the whole plant.. but to get to this yard we had to jump a huge ass fence from another yard, so we couldn't just throw the plant over (lol). It's hard to explain, but Ill try. The yard next to the weed people's yard had a wood fence. A wood fence + little hood ass kids = broken fence. So that was easy, and we got in their yard. The people that lived there were either old or never there cause the grass was never cut and the back of the house looked abandoned. We had to next jump a 10ft fence to the yard with the plant.

    I remember clearly it was raining and we all had dark coats and shit. To us, this was some old gangsta ass shit. The dude that grew it was a known dealer and probably had a strap, which we thought about and thought we could outrun if we had to. So, we hop the fence and start stealing leaves again. We steal like half the plant and dip to my house. Now, we start thinking and thinking. R goes home at like 9, while me and H start scheming to jack this plant again at night, like 3 AM at night. So, we wait till my parents fall asleep and sneak out to go jack this plant. We go through the yard before with the wooden fence that we broke, and go by the fence. THIS NIQQA IS OUTSIDE WAITIN. I was like OH SHIT. So we're in the darkness, and he can't see us. The plant was right beside a side porch on the side of the house, but the plant itself was behind the porch in the back. So, we sit there for like 20 minutes waiting for his ass to leave. He didn't leave so we left and smoked a j or something and came back in like an hour. He was gone. So we hop the fence mad fast and start stealing the rest of the plant. We hear someone inside the house yell some shit and the light turn on so me and my boy dip quick as fuck. I swear I heard a gun cock.. I swear I must've cause it was like 4 AM and mad quiet. We hopped the fence and dipped over the wood fence and ran through all these backyards. We heard some guy scream some shit when we was running. That was a little scary but mostly fun lmao.

    Come to think of it, that plant was mad nice, and big. If it had a chance to bud it would've been a good harvest. Im kinda sad now that I did it, but back then I didn't know any better. We stuffed the whole 7 fingered fan leaves in a bunch of little nick bags without even drying them out, and smoked it in joints rolled with printer paper.

    I still got high. Placebo effect or whatever, I still got high somehow.

    We literally stole almost all the leaves off the plant. It was like a giant stem with some leaves left basically.

    I bet that niqqa was PISSED
  12. Lmfao, Yeah... Before i knew much about bud plants we made shake from a plant still in Veg like the whole fucking plant.. it was a beautiful GDP plant i wish we waited and cropped it...

    And When i was 14, i did alot more than just stealing plants.. i've actually done a few home invasions to get indoor grows, but those i think are far less interesting because it all went as planned

    Long story short! Stealing is bad, and not right, i turned myself around and still am on probation to this day.. Becarful is all i can say!

  13. Nah man you took his bud
  14. I'm having a hard time believing that a house of gang bangers were growing 25 pot plants in their back yard without raising any suspicion...
  15. good read, op.
  16. Really? It happends all the time...
    people get away with 200-300 plant geurilla grows, what makes you think you can't grow bud in your backyard?
  17. Intense story OP

    i was like totally engrossed lol
  18. intense stories, boths OPs and smoked all dat
  19. This ^^. When I was 17 I had plants in my dad's "greenhouse" which was really just a converted woodshed, my dad didn't really know much about growing them but I did so I grew about 5 plants that year.

    Now I know that 5 plants is alot less than 25, but it all just depends on where you live, your neighbours, and sheer luck.:D

    Then again I live in semi-rural B.C., where it IS much easier to get away with stuff.:smoke:

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