From Soil to Hydro

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mnitg, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. I started my seedlings in soil. They are about 9 days old.

    Is it possible for me to transplant them to a hydroponic system once I do the first transplant to a bigger pot or should I keep them in soil?
  2. my advice, if you want to go to hydro, would be to go the route of fertigation. don't know if i spelled it correct but what it is is using an active hydro system to water and feed a soil-less peat or coco based media. unfortunately you have the problem of trying to get all of that integrated into whatever media you will chose. if you used like a fox farm soil and are going with a pro mix or sunshine mix then it should be fine.
  3. Yea i was thinking to just leave it in soil and use some fox farm and my next clones from these will be in hydro
  4. go with this idea
  5. sounds good. thanks
  6. I've taken plants of all ages and sizes from soil to hydro
  7. How exactly do you do this. I have 11 day old seedlings. what should do I do to transplant with killing them? or when is the right time?
  8. What are they in? Cups? Small pots? Peat pellets?
  9. they are in small cups. look at the pics above. also i just noticed they are dying... turning yellow. I might have over watered... can u help?
  10. dont see no pics but you can easily tkae them out of their container and set in a bowl of water gently shake the plant and all the soil will wash right off. Now very carefully put in medium of your choice

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