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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by RecStoner, Nov 12, 2014.

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  2. I would avoid pens as many others would. Pens tend to combust weed which is basically smoking.

    The Pax I heard is overpriced and requires a lot of maintenance to perform top tier.

    I would look into a Magic Flight Launch Box, Arizer Solo, Hammer.
    They are all moderately priced. I'm sure someone will provide better advice and recommendations.

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  3. Enano+bong=huge clouds
  4. What about without the bong?

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  5. are you looking for a portable vape?
    how small/stealthy does it have to be?.. i would say out of hand held, portables arizer solo is pretty solid. but it's relatively big. you won't be able to bust it out in public. but easily in the secluded area.. from a distance it would like you are drinking something (and blowing out smoke ... :/) 
    anyways most pen vapes aren't good enough. they burn weed and produce plenty of smell...
    the only way to use pens is with oils or concentrates. for that you cannot beat a pen vape. 
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    Same awesome ability to make clouds from tiny bits of herb (Each load being 0.05-0.1g). It's just a bit harsher on he throat because it is a short, direct vapor path. Great vape overall.
  7. I ain't got no bong and all that but I do want a hard hitter log vape though.

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    Stealth and size are really no concern. Something that I can carry and travel with is fine. I don't need to conseal anything, I enjoy smoking, but considering a vaporizer to rid some of the smoke, res and that stuff.
    I don't have access to oils otherwise yeah, a vape pen is perfect. I like things that hold up over time, don't want to keep replacing it or fixing it. I'm willing to pay for one made very well.
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    as far as portable vapes go arizer solo is probably one of the best on the market.
    it is a little bulky, about 2 inches in diameter and 5 inches tall.
    you have to charge it before use... to fully charge the battery takes about 30 minutes... and with that charge you should be easily able to vape about 4 - 5 "bowls" (in other words, depending on the strain you'll be on your ass).
    to be honest, unless you need to take a hit every 15 minutes this is rarely a problem. only when i forget to plug it in to charge and then have to wait ... but still it's such a minor inconvenience that it's hardly worth mentioning. 
    (it would be awesome if you could use it while charging, i think here was some talk about that possibility but at least the model that i got doesn't have it. it's about 1 year old).

    with that said, if you are ok with getting something bigger i.e. a "desktop" vaporizer... those are more efficient, imo, and do not require any charging. 
    i tried a couple of herbal pen vaporizers (they all sucked) .. i have not seen a chamber designed well enough where it will not burn the pot and produce nasty smell... most of them are basically literally an electronic joint.

  11. Personal opinion but I love the hammer...I don't even use my desktop unless I have company over.

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