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    Hey all, I finally have White Widow beans on the way (fingers-crossed!) for my first grow and want to do a 2 stage SOG perpetual harvest type setup ala DrBudGreengenes. I'd like to get about 1/8-1/4 oz/week when it's going full bore. I'd also like to harvest asap (no connection over here!). I picked up 2, 26 watt 6500k CFLs for Veg and have a HPS for flowering (250W I think?). From what I've read 52 watts should be (barely) enough to grow the mother.

    So I have 5 feminized seeds coming (plus 5 more bonus Power Skunk), how long do I need to grow the mother to take clones? I guess I should also germinate some seeds with the intention of flowering them asap to get a harvest as soon as I can while I wait for the mother to mature? Should I germinate all the seeds or save some in case something goes wrong?

    I already have a HPS but am considering ditching it for CFL's because of heat/power...I am wondering how much $$ I could save (for security) and what/how many CFLs I would need to replace the HPS to get the amount I want with SOG.
    anyways...advice is appreciated!

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