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From Seed to Harvest in 3 Months?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Buzzedupsnowman, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. My seeds germinated on the 3rd of June and I will be leaving for another state by the first week of September. Is 3 months enough to get these guys to veg for a while then force flower so I can harvest by the last week of August?

    I read Marijuana Buds for Less by SeeMoreBuds and in it he forces his plants to flower 16 days into their veg stage. 68 days after the seed first cracked he harvests the plant which has a huge main cola and some good looking minor colas.

    I think I'll try this and if you guys have any recommendations they'd be appreciated.
  2. I'd do that. Hope they are female. Unless you got feminized seeds then your good to go. Yeah force flower around 16 days would be good or around day 24. Plant prob wouldn't yield much, but hey you get some smoke for the move. :)
  3. May not be as potent but it may work aslong as your seeds allow for it, some strains take forever and some are quick, what strain do you have?
  4. I really don't know what strain I have. I got 10 seeds from one guy, 3 of which are 6 days old now, and 10 from another, 4 of which are just sprouting.

    The first guy didn't know what strain they were and now that I think about it I should of asked him if they were bag seed or came from a contacts plant.

    The second guy didn't know either and said he just came across them. He has like 200 seeds.
  5. Kalabora, you're trying 12/12 from sprout to harvest aren't you? How long do you expect it to take and about how tall are your plants getting? I'll have to read your thread more thoroughly as welll as Evil's grow journal.
  6. Yeah more or less I did veg for a week before I decided to do that. Evil's grow is what inspired me theres actually two grows in his journal Like page 9 or so I think he starts the pure 12/12 from seed. They showed sex around day 26 i think (mine haven't showed yet...the oldest is only 19 days old so anyday.) My smallest plant is about 5 inches I'd say. And the biggest probably around 7 or 8 inches and starting it's fifth node. I'd definatly recommend evils journal because it is complete and you can see how things will be in different stages. Although his is indoor and mines outdoor shouldn't matter to much on when special stages in the plants life occour.

    I also fimmed my plants today.
  7. I will definitely read Evil's journal.

    And I think what I'm going to do is keep the plants indoor until they show sex. Once I can figure out which are males I will transplant the healthiest and most desirable male outside and collect his pollen to fertilize one female later. The rest of the males I'll just kill unless you know of any way I can smoke them or prepare them somehow.

    If there aren't too many females I'll keep them all inside but if I have more than my space allows I will transplant them outside.

    Does anyone know if you can pollinate a few single buds rather than an entire plant?

  8. Do you have the link to Evils Journal couldnt find it
  9. Honestly it will just depend on the genetics of the strain you are growing..

    Some girls can be up and done in no time.. Tga's third dimension is done after only 45 to 50 days of flower for example..

    So with having a 7 week flowering time you could vegg until the 29th, make the switch expecting 9 days to stretch/preflower and have her out by Aug. 25..

    Other girls will take much longer.. If you have a sativa strain then be prepared for it to take much longer.. As much as 16 weeks.. :eek:

    With your seed being bagseed no one could tell you for sure because we have no clue of what genetics you are currently growing so no time estimate we could help ya with.. Sorry.. :(

    Goodluck with your grow!:wave:

  10. veg...top...kick ta flower...strain is key but ya gotta work with what ya got...key is nutes..about 10 day veg nutes ...then flower nutes as she hits flower....easy on nutes...about 25% to start....i would go 24/7 veg and try ta get her ta flower at 14/10 or 13/11 ta squeeze as much growth time as ya can into your widow of opportunity:smoke:good luck..will be an interesting grow;)
  11. well thats 90 days, so yeah i think so. Id just veg the plant for like 10 days and flower the bitch. indica that is.
  12. Yeah to maximize yeild get in as much veg to make the plant bigger as you can.

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