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  1. I got some good smoking regular I feel with some tender love and care could even be better. So I'm growing seeds from it my ? Is has any one ever to a plant stright from send a week or two of veg stright to flower ? I have so many babysitter I want to weed out the boys asap ? Feedback please !
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    Feedback please
  3. Sorry for the autospell from seed to bud and I have so many babys I want to weed out the boys right away
  4. You might want to wait at least a month before you flower.
  5. The plant will not flower until its ready anyway, you can grow 12/12 from seed. If you do a search for 12/12 from seed then there are some threads about it :smoking:
  6. Yeaman, I just got done with a 12/12 from seed grow. 4 plants in 1 gal buckets, 400w hps. 24/0 cfls for the first 2 weeks of course, all they do is veg anyway at that stage.

    Zip per plant, not much from a 400w but I didn't really put much into it....
  7. even under a 12/12 light schedule you are still going to have about 4-5 weeks of "veg" growth as the plant is not sexually mature. your best bet would be to either run 20/4 or 18/6 for the first month, and then flip it over to 12/12. no sense in selling yourself short with trying to flower a plant that is too small.

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