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  1. i built 5 bubblebuckets as instructed by rumpleforeskin and had a nice little harvest from just 1 big ol momma. I sold her 4 little daughters along with the buckets and the 85w air pump with plans of starting fresh with a 12 bucket recirculating system using a smaller quieter air pump. so .. i am now making a shopping list for my 12 bucket recirculating system. only problem being my lack of DIY confidence. ive got a huuuuuge 20x20 bedroom to work with. ive got 2x1000w mh's and 1x600w hps. this is all i intend to use throughout the whole cycle. maybe some cfl's for good measure. im going to go check my balance at the atm, ill brb, hopefully with some good questions.
  2. alright, im convinced i need to quit smoking pot for a few days to clear my head up enough to even put this all together. all these strange fittings and parts one could never find at ace hardware are really really intimidating me. i need some help. i need some of this simplified for me.
    Parts list
    12x 5 gallon buckets.. check
    12x lids with 6" nets built in...check
    12x 2' air diffusers...check
    1x 18 gallon rubbermaid tub...check
    1x 45 gallon reservoir...check
    16x 3/4" elbows...threaded?
    16x 3/4" tee's...threaded?
    16x 3/4" (tub outlets) ebb n flow fittings... ???
    22x Ebb n Flow Screens... bulkhead
    or outlet
    4x 3/4" shut off valves... ???
    2x 1/2" ebb n flow fittings ???
    24x 1/4" straight barbs ???
    70 7/8" hose clamps ... how could i cheap out on this.. could i use cheap ass clamps?
    12x 1/4" barbed elbows... can i get these from ace?
    4x 1/2" shut off valves... ball valves???
    4x 1/2" end caps...threaded???
    100' 3/4" ID tubing
    100' 1/4" ID tubing .. any specific tubing???
    50' 1/2" ID tubing
    1x Float valve
    1x eco 264 gph water pumps
    2x eco 8 air pumps

    i would like to sincerely thank in advance anybody and everybody that takes a moment to answer any of my dumbass questions. id also like to add that none of this will be in vain. i will build this system come hell or high water. and on a final note, sorry for asking stupid questions i may have been able to answer myself.
  3. goo goo goo google usually finds stuff for ya
  4. sweet man! i've been waiting to see some one do a big rumplebucket set up. i thought i was going to be pushing the boundaries with 5 buckets+res hahah. but why are you using such a big res, just so you dont have to add water so much? cuz technically you only need a container thats as tall as the buckets
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    yo i was just thinking, rump manually circulates his water because he only runs 2 buckets. that would be a real pain in the ass for us to pump water into each bucket. i guess im going to have to buy 2 ball valves per bucket instead of one so that i can link all the buckets in a line. so instead of having each bucket linked to the res, only the 2 buckets next to it will be connected to it, the 1st and last in the line. i wont have pics for a few weeks cuz my current drip grows not done but i hope to see yours before then.

    and why not just go to home depot? i thought they had those stores everywhere

    edit: nevermind i just saw what blazeoneup's system was on the recirc. water

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