From Pescatarian to Omnivore

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  1. I'll keep it short. I always wanted to try vegetarianism since I was seven. I went pescatarian (eating fish as my main source of protein) for a year and six months before switching back to my old self. I needed the meat protein from chicken and other meats because I relied on it so much before I went pescatarian, that the lack of the protein cause me to lose a lot of muscle and body fat. I felt so great when I was pescatarian from not waking up tired to feeling better, clean highs. Stopped breaking out and stopped having long stools (shitting). Before I never ate horrible but just more meats and starches than unprocessed veggies and meats. It was good for me.

    I just wanted a little help. I'm back to eating meat, I'm building up lost muscle again and I'm growing some. The problem is what are the best things to eat! I know Lamb is better for you than beef, and half of the beef used in our foods is processed, injected with chemicals, and even comes from cattle that've died days before it was used (true shit). I know chicken meal and eggs have the highest biological value (ability to be absorbed within us - chicken is 98% and eggs are 100%) but you lose some of it when cooked.

    So are there any foods/diets that I should strictly stick to and also maintain good healthy body? What are your favorites?
  2. Organic no matter what meat you eat.

    Stay away from sausages and hot dogs *barf*

    Limit your consumption of dark meats; beef, lamb, pork, duck, turkey & chicken wings and legs.

    Stick to fish (only once a week unfortunately; seafood has too many toxic metals), chicken and turkey breast, and calf liver (even as a meat eater, my morals didn't let me eat this).

    Or you always have the option of getting your protein elsewhere; nuts, seeds, legumes, soy, whole grains, rice & pea protein isolate, but especially try to consume hemp.
  3. Thanks so much! Eating organic makes me feel good and I see the great outcome. The beefs and turkeys give a lot of protein and nutrients but sadly its not too lean. Sometimes you'll feel bloaty and want to do some sleeping afterwards. It sucks.

    I'll stick with fish of course which I, naturally, have few servings a week of. I know baked and roasted chicken is tons better for you than deep fried (fried) chicken (roasted is not as good as baked).

    I usually keep a guide called Seafood Watch with me so I can see which fish is good and which isn't. Its super helpful, even with sushi!
  4. if it runs, flys, or swims then its ok to eat it. its your choice. your body needs protein to repair your muscles. even bacon is good for you, no joke.
  5. Thanks sharpiekg. The thing is balancing the consumption of those foods right? Yea everything that lives on the planet is edible and is for us to use. I just find it hard to believe that eating only animals is healthy. Its to me like body builder who takes a bunch of supplements but doesn't work out - there's no balance. But I get what you mean!
  6. True, but you can detoxify yourself.
  7. Eat lean meat; namely, insects
  8. [quote name='"bahookahjoe18"']Eat lean meat; namely, insects[/quote]

    Wassup Bahooka! How is that bug tasting going!?
  9. It's essentially winter now, so it's slowed down a lot.

    But I was serious man. They taste good, they're good for you, and they're cheap to acquire.

    eat bugs all day every day.
  10. How do I acquire some? Because I am most definitely interested..

  11. Buy them
    Raise them

    Feed them organic so they're prime ;)
  12. [quote name='"bahookahjoe18"']It's essentially winter now, so it's slowed down a lot.

    But I was serious man. They taste good, they're good for you, and they're cheap to acquire.

    eat bugs all day every day.[/quote]

    I've never fried (or eaten raw) a grasshopper or locust! I want to though.

  13. Raw, they taste nutty.
    Fried, they taste like chicken.
  14. Ah I gotta raise them? Man too lazy, straight up haha. I rather read a book. I take care of two parakeets, an African Grey, and a Bonsai tree. Insects will just take up more reading time. I'll think about it..

  15. Well, I just assumed you live somewhere that it gets cold in the winter, and since that season is barreling this way I don't think you'll be catching grasshoppers outside for a few months at least.

    If you live somewhere temperate, go outside with a butterfly net and be a little kid again.
  16. What about diseases? I know mosquitoes in our area were carrying a deadly disease a few years ago.. as in you're more likely to die than to survive. How would I know if butterflies or bugs in my area had similar diseases, especially if they are not notorious for biting humans or for humans consuming them?
  17. I'm not sure if I should believe this post. I've been vegetarian for 3 years, focusing mostly on cardio with hardly any weight training whatsoever, and I haven't noticed any change in muscle mass. Could just be genetics, I suppose.

  18. You've been doing it right ;)

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