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    So I've germinated three batches of seeds this year using over 100 seeds from bags. I germinated them out doors and out of 72 potential plants, 5 remain. They were totally devasted by slugs. I went from 20 sprouts to 5 over night in both cases even after coating the ground (That I wasn't going to plant on) with salt. So, I'm trying for one last batch. I've got enough space on a seed starter box I bought and the one with my 5 bigger plants. So, when I take them from the paper towel to the dirt what should I NOT do, and also what are somethings I should do?

    I've got one window of opportunity to get out to my site today, so could I take them from the paper towel (They've been in there for about 36 hours without sprouting) and then throw them in the dirt? Also, I sprayed the hell outta my big guys with a 3-In-1 Pesticide and there's still holes in some of the leaves, what gives?
  2. you may have killed the bugs flying around them but their larvea remain. Buy some neem oil. Mix 2 TBls with some dishsoap in a gallon of water and wash the leaves twice a week both undersides and topside to remove any larvea.
  3. Huh... Okay... Well this last batch I'm going for I've sprayed the hell outta with the Insecti/Fungi/Miticide. On the dirt, the tray, the cover, all around the ground, lol, it should be okay this time. But yea, I had them in a damp paper towel for 36 hours and then I put them into some soil. I'll be out there today to see how they're doin.
  4. if at all possible try germing indoors until you can see the first set of true leaves

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