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  1. I do alot of action sports, always have. am 44 now, but as young as anyone really. I live out of a huge boxtruck, and had a family who did all they could to take away any other options from my life. You could say, for keyword: BAD and EVIL FAMILY seeking friends to live this LIFE with!!!

    Its really lonely out here Yo. I been across USA 12 times, and first wanted to stop driving around make a home ... in 2004!!! So you can imagine "GOD knows he wants to go HOME".

    I will skate the park here in El Centro CA, just below Slab City, today. i will go ride around on my dual sport bike, smoke, drink some coffee .... work online a bit .... but just gonna be DEAD ALONE I do promise that. I am NOT gay, NOT a gossiper. I got alot of empathy after the life I had, and I am NOT a criminal. And I love and greatly miss girls!

    Wouldnt mind doing some Trimming for someone, linking with someone?? Anyone need help on the farm? I stay out of people's business, I DONT SEE NOTHIN, but like I said: I stay out of criminal activities (usually).

    I was/am a really good dirt bike rider. I need to earn me a MEAN 450 dirt bike ... anyone need help on their farm or similar? I am also good at hitting sales numbers, designing off-grid stuff that functions, setting up the best sounding stereos, can fix cars etc .... and HAVING FUN!!!!!

  2. Good day man. I have seen work as trimmer offered in exchange for lodging and free weed on other forums.
  3. Nice, THANKS! Maybe I should hunt something like that down? Which forums? I know that some people are chilling on land in CA, riding dirt bikes and having a great time! Thanks for the Reply! 1luv
  4. I recall seeing ads/posts about it on thcfarmer.

    Is slab city a friendly place?
  5. I am not sure! I am going up there in a few days, to check it out. It might be cool, I am not sure. People dont seem to work together in America, except for all the wrong reasons, but perhaps there is a Heaven up there?? (at least until Summer!!)

    Thanks! Goblin
  6. I have never been to America so I couldnt tell you.

    But I have noticed and heard about cultural differences from state to state.

    That makes me think there are communities working well together we dont know of.

    I am thinking of the amish, dunno if thats the right community for you tho
  7. That's funny! Americans would consider Amish to be the weirdest people. But I understand what you are saying: They keep it Real. They are pretty much in Pennsylvania, which is about 2700 miles away from California. It is COLD there. 6 month winter.

    In New York (5-6 month winter) I always enjoyed it, because people will try to keep things real no matter what, as like a local law. In NYC people in groups might be threatening (or they might not be AT ALL, giving their power to the God within their group), but they try to leave people with TRUTH. Other places like Florida and so many other places in America you will have people together, and they will try to beat you up, or act tough ... but they when you see them alone .... they want to be your friend. pathetic..

    So yeah, NJ, NY, PA and other states can be real .... but its all COLD ZONE over there.

    I am sure there are awesome people up in NorCal, on land, chilling and riding and smoking and living life! THAT is really the nut I would love to crack!!!

    Whereas otherwise the only time you will see people look at you is through the car window as they drive by! It drives me crazy, people look at you through the car window, or cheer you on or yell at you ONLY THROUGH THE CAR WINDOW. The thing is: you will literally see 1200 people like this EVERY DAY in America. You got a dozen people all by themselves at every light, all running on off to someplace to get something for themselves or their family. But people never bring in others, its like they are too afraid of themselves and already have control over their current situation, and dont want to get blown up. It is super lonely here, literally with only people staring out windows and driving away, no matter what.

    Americans got 2 modes: Front or Dickride. And I do understand it, because I am like that too. You can see someone, and they are not too impressive until you SEE something they are doing which is cool. America just does that to you!

    Thing about America is it is SO EASY to pimp the shit out of this place, all you need is ANYONE ELSE who is standing next to you. Its because we have light on us from others, and THAT is what attracts people in America to you. Yeah we are pretty much scared vampires here.

    I been by myself since I began traveling. The year was 2002. America sucks man. i got cockblocked in LA by my 20 year friend. Cockblocked in Las Vegas by my 10 year friend. Back to New Jersey, cockblocked by my 10 year friends....

    Messed my head up.

    Right now its cars going by my truck.... so fukcing many cars .... yet no matter what I will be alone today. Riding my dirt bike around, skating the park at 44 years old, not too ugly of a person .... can probably rap better than alot of people .... good salesman, can fix all sorts of things, have tools ....


    yeah I am sick of america. You can drive 1000 miles, look up and SWEAR its the same place .... isnt it??? You be like "damn, its the same 12 stores, and they look the same too"! Then you can go in there, you will see men all looking at the floor, you cant talk to anyone about anything besides the most pointless stuff .... and if you bring up anything else but small talk, they will look at you like you got 9 eyes. After that, we all go home alone, all by ourselves. You cant even drink a beer with someone. The ethics here suck so bad.

    I wasted my life here, all alone. Why alone? Well, I rode my dirtbike strong. Girls liked me. Plus I was brave in business.

    Fact is: In America you are NOBODY until someone loves you.

    America sucks man.

    Anyone not wack here? I do wonder.

    i think im about ready to fucking die man
  8. Hope you are well. Righteous. Yeah man I am fucking dying here in my 6th rendition of a homles vehicle, over 20 year period. I dont think I can take it much longer. So fukcing lonely. Mexicans got mexicans, blacks got blacks, etc .... except whites. They are just jealous of each other. What a fucking sad waste of a life this america bullshit has been.

    goddamned ceaseless cars and people, but never link with anyone, never do shit with anyone. People literally need a friend, but they instead do hard drugs and turn gay ... they wonder what went wrong? This place is an illness.

    How You??
  9. Have you thought about going to south America? Maybe you will find some kind of community there.

    Here in scandinavia its the same. You dont speak to people without having a reason for doing so.

    It sucks
  10. i sure have thought about it! You are right, you have to come at people to do anything, with some enticing offer! I mean, it makes sense, unless you wake up one day and dont really have anyone! i swear if I have any friend at all, we could do anything. Together its easy to take on another lonely person, and build the group! But alone its near impossible, because then it needs to be some sort of perfect fit!

    Good Luck to you Friend! Like Sky Brown says: "BE BRAVE"
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  11. How did you wake up one day to find yourself alone? I would think there are lots of people with the same interests as you in your area. Common interests are a good relationship builder
  12. i was a dirt bike rider for sure. kept going back to family/friends who were negative, it was like multiplying myself by zero, so I never built shit. I never seem to fit into other groups like skateboarders (outside of NYC), but dirt bikes cost money I dont have. Just literally been going for 22 years battling. Lots of land here, but you can't really stop anywhere for too long unless you are able to get on land, which was a commitment I was willing to make long ago, when I orginally got scooped up by my family's promises.

    Honestly i have kind of lost it by now, just lost the faith to win and press through. Have PTSD to girls, family, winning, love, home, business, friends. By now its C-PTSD.

    After awhile you just really need someone to kick it with and cypher, especially for me. I would do anything for my friend, from talking to girls or fixing stuff, or selling anything. For me alone though by now ... its weird. I guess my pride was broken long ago, so I dont have THAT to work with anymore, and that would have been my #2, because NOTHING is born without coming from 2 others. You could say that I am begging for a friend, to give to him, so that I can recieve.

    In america all i find are hard drug addicts, ghay people(i dont care but they seem to), and sketchy situations with girls I dont want to jump into.

    I have spent alot of time going up mountains, skating the skatepark, and just messing about around this country. People in america basically have either a normal family somewhere who loves them or government money(so they dont REALLY need YOU), are convinced that they need to have to sex to share love , are untrustworthy and on crazy drugs .... i dunno man, I literally just do what I want basically everyday, I just have fun, drink water, keep on living, but always alone as heck here. All my friends either died or they defied me one after another, and I just carried on ... not really thinking about it, because always trying to go forward ,,, for 22 years now. America is weird man. Only friends I really found over the years were literally foreigners who were visiting this country, or just random little kids just saying Hi at the skatepark. I would have made friends daily, but my dad literally fuked up my business, my place to live, they got my credit, they really were something else man lolll
  13. Dont give up, its a big enough country to have similar minded people.

    Dont hangup in the past. There is nothing that can be done about it.

    Maybe you could look into hippie collectives?

    I would go to Canada.

    To sunnyvale trailer park
  14. I think I am going to go insane instead.

    The eye is everywhere.

    I missed the turnoff.

    Now I am fuct.

    Somewhere they dont use english, is the only hope.

    I guess i am ready to die. Not sure what i did wrong, white people? All I ever heard was loathing that girls would like me more than you, and that I jumped my dirt bike too big.

    Fuck america and fuck white people on the whole. Fuck this whole toolbox cunt-tree.
  15. Well dude, I believe its all up to our own mindset. To some degree of course.

    Dont give up, good luck
  16. Something tells me your issues stem from something other than Americans.
  17. You suck no less, buddy.
  18. Happy to forward you to some true professionals here in the US.
  19. The only pros I meet in USA are pro methheads, crackheads, cockblockers, backstabbers, naysayers, gossipers, and shitbags... so I do appreciate it. Put Me On Brother

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