From nice ands dense to big and fluffy???

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  1. Anyone know why my girls would go from nice and dense buds to bug and fluffy? I've quit feeding over 2 weeks ago and everything was fine until I flushed with clearex 3 days ago... Next day I noticed new pistols and new growth? Any ideas? Trichomes are 50/50 clear and milky.
  2. Today's day 63 of flowering and I've only used molasses and water last 2 weeks. ph is always mid 6's and they haven't had any light leak or extra light, I recently set my timer back to 11/13 to finish quicker.
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    how long ago did you reset your timer? that could be the reason they changed a bit.
    Also, are you counting days of flower from the day you switched to 12/12 or when you actually saw flowering on the plants?

  4. I switched the timer last week, 4 days in 15 minute intervals. They seemed to of loved it and caked in crystal and density each night. Then, 3 days ago, a couple days after I stopped going down, when I flushed with clearex, the next morning there were white hairs (haven't had none in weeks) and now a couple days later they're fluffing up and losing density!?

    63 days from flower

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