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  1. Hello Grassers :wave:, ive searched sick plant guides and the net and i havent been able to find out why the single leaf blade, that emerges after the cotyledon, have begin to twist and went from green to slight yellow and one sprouts leaves went almost white. I've flushed with pH corrected water ( between 5.8-6.1. ) My medium is 50/50 vermiculite and perlite, i stated pH in medium, runoff was 6.0, 18/6 schedule, 24-8-16 MG all purpose nutes, feeding em every 3-4 days, unknown bagseed sprouts. Im trying to get pics into this thread so bare with me and the fuzziness of the pics too, lmao. thanks in advance:D eyeslikedonuts






    Hope this is enough pics, again sorry for the fuzziness. :bongin:
  2. I can't view pix. Please shrink one and I'll try.

    Your medium is new to me. I gather you're treating it as hydro/wick system?

    How old are they. What nutes? I use a 10-50-10 all the way. Just my preference. I pride myself in having the very best bud for the least $ and time. Less steps= less$and time.

    Give me some info and I'll see what my mind has in the files.

    gl alex
  3. i have no idea how to reduce the size of pics, i just learned how to post em today hehe. i gave all kinds of info in my post,but ill do it again, pH runoff is 6.0, medium is 50/50 vermiculite and perlite, 18/6 schedule, 24-8-16 all purpose water soluble food, broke ground july 16th, so id say a lil stunted. i feed em every 3-4 days at 1/4 strength. i guess u can say its a lil similiar to wick system, i water and feed from bottom. i have 2 rooted clones, who are on the same watering schedule, instead of 24-8-16, i use 15-30-15 at 1/4 strength and they are doing fine. thanks :bongin: they are also on 12/12 schedule for 5 days now.
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  5. For a comphrehensive diagnosis & treatment check your private messages;)
  6. Once again I thank you :hello: GG for your knowledge. u were right on the money, ill try that and get back to ya. glad to see you're still floating around :D
  7. Your quite welcome my friend

    I love your avatar, very unnerving

  8. Ok. so what was the problem with the plant then?? What was the cause of the whitening and yellowing.. from the bottom leaf's. Was it (K defency) or was it because over watering) or what was it? Thanks for helping ous out // ClubCueCas
  9. yeah i was wondering to my leafs arent turning yellow but they have some white turning up on the leaf tips

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