from germination to clay balls ?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by devil_piggy, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. howdeh
    was wondering what to use as an inbetween germination and going to clay balls in a bubble bucket.. ? clones into clay ball is good but after germination need a bit more size before doing so.. ?

  2. you don't need to use anything else, but it might help... i've seen pics somewhere on this forum where someone just set the sead right on top of the clay pebbles and it grew fine. i use the little 1" starter rockwool blocks and wait for a few roots to start showing out the bottom then put them in the net baskets i use with clay pebbles surrounding them.
  3. ROCKWOOL!! :D rockwool cubes are awesome, perfect for placing germinated seeds in, and then you just put the whole rockwool cube in your net pot and surround it with clay balls.

    just make sure you ph balance the rockwool first.

    you can also use that cocoshit but idk much about it. Also, i wouldn't reccomend growing a plant SOLELY in clay balls, even with the bubble bucket.

    So in condensed form: germinate seed via whatever method. Once taproot shows about 1/4" place seed into rockwool. personally, i place seed in rockwool, place rockwool in netpot with clay balls, and place netpot into bubble bucket with no nutrients, all at the same time, no intermediary.

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