From germ to hydro system help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by greenthumbed, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Ok got my NL seeds! This sound good? I put them in paper towels with distilled water and let them germ a root then stick them in wet rapid rooters with ph adjusted water and only one drop of superthrive for a gallon of water. Place in humidity dome. Let them sit a few days keeping them moist until they come up out of the rapid rooters. Remove the humidity dome and place rooters and seedlings into hydro kit on slow drip. Does that sound good?

    Or.....put a seed in a moist rooter let it come up then put it in the hydro system?
  2. Either way will work, i use the paper towel method myself, with a good success rate.

    A germinating method a personal preference, you should germinate seeds in a method you feel confident in, and leave them alone to do their thing.

    If you feel comfortable using the paper towel method, then stick with it, you will be fine

  3. Cool thanks! Then what though? Can I put them right in the hydro system or do I need to wait till the seeds sprout?
  4. Once the seed cracks, put it in a rockwool cube, once the roots show on the outside of the cube, put in your system.
  5. Should i put it straight in the rock wool from once the seed is germinated? I thought you would need to put it somewhere with the humidity level high and a small light for it to grow towards....I've never done this part but have had a few boy usually handles the germination part...
  6. You will want to soak the rockwool for at least 24 hours with pH balanced water. then cover the rockwool to keep the humidity in. No light until it sprouts. If you have a heat pad that will speed things up.

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