From garage to grow

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Tc198414, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. What's up guys? Long time no post, since my last post I've harvested my grow 2hich produced over 3lbs. A lot of you guys have me alot of solid advice. Appreciate you guys mucho. What am I up to now? Converting my 10x10 garage tent 2 light grow into a complete garage 7 light grow of 20'x16'x16' . The tall ceilings will allow me to grow some monsters. 4 hps/mh, 1cmh, 2 lep uvb. Installing my 8k but portable ac, along side a bigger window unit ac. With the extra room it's a must. Added another AC infinity t8. So I now have 2 x 8" exhaust fans, and 2 x 4" fresh air in fans. Really thinking about c02 enrichment. Anyone got any suggestions on a controller setup? Cheap... 20200702_132534.jpg 20200702_132534.jpg 20200702_132534.jpg 20200702_132511.jpg 20200702_130234.jpg

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