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  1. Hello, I'm new to the forum. Name's Becca, I'm from England and I'm a girl. I've been smoking weed on and off for about three years, although my usage has increased over the last six weeks so now I smoke every single day I can.

    My rolling is improving (most of time people use to roll for me) and I have one bong which I use for shotties. I only started doing shotties this summer but within two days I was getting compliments on how well I had taken to them.

    I only have one bong at the present, and a homemade one litre shottie. I have loads of different flavoured skins, I buy them all the time.

    A couple of things that have happened to me are;
    - Passing out in a field, only smoked two joints but this was the first time I properly smoked
    - Getting busted by my rents because I did too many morning shotties.
    - Making so many new friends because of weed
    - Last night, getting very stoned and very drunk and loosing my weed somewhere.

    Why do I smoke? Very simple, once smoked, Weed is no longer a material object but makes me happier then anything else I own. I'm impulsive so I buy random things so for reason and regret it later. I never regret buying Weed.

  2. Sucks losing your weed. Anyway, hi! I'm from Wales...which I suppose means we're sworn enemies, but when it comes to weed people just come together :p welcome to the site, how's it going?
  3. Nah, I have no preduces against people from other countries, especially Wales. Although, it is true, weed does bring people together - there's loads of people I prolly wouldn't have socialised and made friends with if it wasn't for weed.

    Not too bad thanks, next week I have a free house which I'm very excited about. Me and my best mate are putting money in for an ounce, we also have legal e's, will have plenty of alcohol and might be getting hold of some Mandy.

    Going to be a fun week, even if I do have College.

  4. Just to clarify, I don't either...apart from when the rugby's on and Wales is losing :p

    That sounds pretty sweet, my parents are going away in November for three weeks so I'll be booking time off work and getting fucked the fuck up. You go to college? What do you study? Oh and where abouts in England are you from?
  5. I'm not from England.

    but welcome!
  6. Thank-you very much, how's it going?
  7. It will be going a lot better in 5 hours when i can leave work.. but for now it's not too bad i guess.. nice cool morning outside, I have some nice green plant material to smoke when i get home too :smoking:

    how you doin? :ey:
  8. I'm in my second year of Fashion as part of Art and Design (so it's more about concept rather than trend). I'm from the South West, in a county called Wiltshire.
  9. Not too bad thanks, just finished my summer off with a phat night of smoking and drinking. Going back to College tomorrow and then work afterwards (I'm an assistant chef).
  10. Sounds good.

    Is that near Bristol? I'm from Cwmbran, near Newport
  11. I'm not sure how far I am, but no more than an hour drive from Bristol. I'm closer to Bath though, I do love Bath though - it has a mint smoking shop.

  12. Not too far then, you're the closest one to me distance wise on this site then. I've never been to bath, my cousins have and they love it for the same reason as you :p
    You'll probably have to explain what "mint" means at some point, I think only the Brits use that term.
  13. Ahaha, yeah the guy who runs it is pretty safe, he guided me by phone to the nearest cahs point.

    Mint means good, as in "mint condition", so when something is mint it's very good.
  14. Ha that's pretty sweet.

    It's been so long since I've said "mint" like that. I've gone all american now I think, I cant stop saying "wiener" and shit like that.

    How old are you Becca?
  15. I'm 19 in January, I took a year out of education after finishing secondary school and then went to College.

    My favourite word for Weed at the moment is "Kaya", I've been listening to Bob Marley a lot lately.

  16. I'm 19 on Saturday. going to see Lee Evans in Cardiff for that :)

    I stayed on in 6th form... biggest mistake of my life. I left when I was 17, was only there for a few months. Shuffled between jobs for a while, now I work for the NHS. It's all fun and games this end.
  17. Sounds good, I've never been to Cardiff, I don't think I've been to Wales. Yeah, a few of my mates went to sixthform, most regretted it and left. Some are joining me at College.
  18. nice to see you :wave:im from swansea

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