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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Slomoman, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Check dis shit out...

    So yesterday I was supposed to get drunk n blunted all day long with my homegirl right? Instead, I have to cancel cuz my girlfriend pretty much just invites herself over for dinner so she can spend some time with my parents n stuff.

    Bummer right?

    So then I have to go to the store and buy some burger patties cuz she doesn't eat pork or any meat off the bone, spend my last few bucks until payday mind you.

    Double bummer, huh?

    So I get in the car and look down in the car door pocket... and.... it's.... it''s a freakin' joint!!!! Hallelujah! Must have been there for a minute cuz I don't usually roll J's. So I jet to the store, buy the patties, and proceed to enjoy myself on the way back home. The J was really old and I didn't want it to burn too fast, so I buy a black n mild and stuff it.

    Just as soon as I light up this jackass in front of me stops at a yellow light. I repeat, STOPPED at a YELLOW light. So naturally I rear end him and begin cussin' up a storm. Only after after a few minutes did it dawn on me that I was gettin' toasted at the scene of an accident that will prolly go down as my fault. I was all "Man, I would be seriously pissed if I didn't have the goodie good to chill me out.... waaaaiiiiit a minute."

    After that realization I started wiggin' out tryin' to get rid of the smell as well as the "evidence". I look in the rear-view and see a cop car is already on the scene. Nervous and scared I snapped the black n half and tossed under my car while he wasn't looking. Thinking back now, I prolly could just ashed it out on the bottom of my shoe and stashed it in my jeans or somethin (I was high and nervous, thusly my judgement suffered)

    Long story short, the cop ended up believing me that ole dude stopped at a yellow light like a dummy and didn't file a ticket or anything, barely poked his head in my car. From almost having a drunken high with my best friend to a fender bender plus loss of recently discovered weed... charge it to tha game :rolleyes:
  2. well at least the cop didnt find out your high
  3. that sucks, getting rid of the only bud you have when you're dry for know reason is quite depressing :(

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